Trip Isenhour faces criminal charges for a birdie

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, March 6th, 2008
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Trip Isenhour killed a red-shouldered hawk which was making noise during a video shoot for the show “Shoot Like A Pro.” He intentionally hit several golf shots at the bird after having to redo takes because of the disturbance.

Isenhour is facing charges of cruelty to animals and killing a migratory bird.

9 responses to “Trip Isenhour faces criminal charges for a birdie”

  1. Miranda says:

    If he’s found guilty, they should tie him up to a tree and let pet lovers hit golf shots at him so he knows how it felt for the poor bird.

  2. thrasherwill says:

    They should throw the book at the DODO. I don’t think the animal loving golfers will take too kindly to Mr. Isenhour after this stupidity.

  3. HomerJ8 says:

    Did anyone see Thursday’s coverage of the PODS Championship on the Golf Channel? Did you see that they caught some live footage of an osprey catching a fish and flying away with it? Was it not a perfect opportunity for the announcers to talk about the Isenhour fiasco? Is it just me, or is the Golf Channel so deep in the pocket of the PGA Tour that they wouldn’t even dare give bad publicity to the Tour during a live broadcast of a Tour event? Is it just me, or was the Kelly Tilghman Tiger Woods-lynching comment totally harmless and the ensuing fiasco with her apologizing and being suspended also a sign that the Golf Channel is a slave to the PGA Tour? The Golf Channel is to sports what Fox News is to news.

  4. Pet Food says:

    Photographing Hawks is a hobby of mine. Isenhour must do jail time! & pay a huge fine!. The judge should demand he also his up some of his golf wage to a bird conservation fund. His actions were deliberate & multiple attempts to kill this bird make him an absoultely disgusting person. I have Hawks that land in tree tops by my home. They always select the same branch to sit on & always the same tree. They will sit & watch you take their picture. They are not easily intimidated when cars,people,dogs drive below them, rather they look curiously.I say Trip is full of crap,trying to lie his way out and save face for his reputation.I say lets tie him to a tree & whack golf balls at his balls !!!JUdge please kick his butt!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pet Food says:

    Trip Isenhour and O.J.Simpson have something in common….THEY ARE BOTH Murderers,and Liars and golfers

  6. kjb says:

    Trip Isenhour is a young player with a promising career, let’s not destroy HIS life. Obviously what he did was clearly wrong. He should answer to the law, but his life shouldn’t be ruined.

    How come golf fans don’t get so outraged when a tour player gets a DUI or reckless driving charge? These are far worse crimes.

  7. kjb you know there’s a stiffer penalty in my state for animal cruelty than for assaulting a police officer!

  8. Suzgolfing says:

    I have never responded to a blog, but golf is a gentleman’s sport, played along nature lined fairways..lagging shots at the wildlife is NOT! He should be fined and apologize.

  9. Well then Suzgolfing… I’m glad to be your “first” so to speak. Welcome to HOG.





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