EEZ-Read confirmed as HOG Space Fantasy Golf Sponsor

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, January 27th, 2008
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eez-readI’ve just confirmed the EEZ-Read as a weekly prize sponsor! This product was one of 3 winners at the PGA Show for best of show! Only the best for HOG Space Fantasy Golf baby!

5 responses to “EEZ-Read confirmed as HOG Space Fantasy Golf Sponsor”

  1. golf4ever says:

    The EEZ-READ helps me see slight breaks and elevation changes. It helped me sink more putts by eliminate miss reads and making my line more evident. I played the front 9 without it and the back nine with it and my score dropped by about 3-4 strokes using it.

  2. golf4ever says:

    Thank you EEZ-READ for helping my game. – Barry

  3. davengolf says:

    I agree. This to me is the single most important element to my game and score. Golf4ever how many times have you used EEZ-READ? I want to get 4 for me and my buddies.

  4. golf4ever says:

    Sure……for 3 weeks about 6 times and I will not play with out it. Got it online at

  5. Wel davengolf, all you need to to in order to get 4 is win four weeks in fantasy golf this season! HA!