Bad tasting sports drinks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
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Good tasting sports drinks

The latest big news in the golf world is that Tiger Woods has a $100 million deal with Gatorade. “Gatorade Tiger” will be out next year. I still think “Tigerade” would have been a better name.

This last Summer was the hottest EVER in my neck of the woods. Hottest since they’ve kept records at least. I played golf in 100+ F temps for several months both here in Salt Lake, in St. George, Utah, Nevada and California.

I found myself buying bottle after bottle of Gatorade or similar sports drinks at the course. At $2-3 a bottle, staying hydrated in Primm Nevada could cost a fortune. So I bought a big cannister of Gatorade mix at Costco and made my own sports drinks. My cost? About ten CENTS per bottle.

I love the heat. Bring it on. 100? 105? 110? No prob. As long as I stay hydrated I’m OK. If I don’t, I get what us Greeks call the “evil eye” which is a mind splitting headache right in my eyeball. The headache will stay with me for close to 12 hours.

Among the sports drinks I’ve tried and like are Gatorade, Powerade and Swing Juice. I reviewed the first versions of Swing Juice long ago here.

Bad tasting sports drinks

I’ve received countless sports drinks for review here on Hooked On Golf Blog. I’ve avoided reviewing some because they are absolutely terrible. But it’s time to break the silence.


TriVita is a marketing machine and has become the most popular sports drink on the Champions Tour. I’ve tried two Tri-Vita products, one tasted OK.

The TriVita Optima4 is actually pretty decent tasting. I tried a grape flavor, mixed in with a few ounces of water. I tried it several times but didn’t notice a change in my game or my flexibility.

The TriVita Optimaflex is an orange flavor. I followed the instructions, mixing it with water but couldn’t get the damn powder to actually mix with the water. I must have stirred it for five straight minutes, yet the powder didn’t dissolve into the water. When I finally drank it I wasn’t terribly happy about the taste. In fact, I didn’t like it at all. I shot a video of my first drink and it’s pretty funny to see my reaction. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find that video in my thousands of golf media files. If I find it I’ll update this.

blue cow relaxation drinkHands down WORST TASTING SPORTS DRINK EVER: Blue Cow

I get jacked up on the course sometimes. I’m so excited to play, I’m high as a kite (from adrenaline, not any other substances legal or illegal thank you).

Blue Cow sports drink is basically a water which is supposed to calm you down and help you be more relaxed. One problem. This drink tasted SO bad I could hardly gag down two or three sips. I thought I was drinking lighter fluid. I don’t see how this is relaxing when you’re testing the limits of your gag reflex just trying to choke this stuff down. I ended up giving my case of this stuff away…

Stay tuned for my next “sports” product rant, Zone Bars.

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