Golf cart cooler tray and ball washer

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, November 19th, 2007
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The Granby Trading Company manufactures and distributes some really cool golf accessories. You’ve probably used them before.

6 & 12 Pack Cooler Tray

Today I’m showing you the 6 & 12 pack “Cooler Tray.” The Cooler Tray is a tray which mounts onto the steering column of motorized golf carts and provides a mount for a cooler. There are two sizes, the six pack cooler size and the twelve pack cooler size.

The animated image below shows a basic EZ-GO golf cart before and after the six pack Cooler Tray installation. The installation was a breeze and took all of about five minutes and only required a philips head screwdriver.

golf cart cooler ball washer

Many of the courses I play don’t allow you to bring your own coolers or beverages (beer). They sell you the beer and give you a plastic bag full of ice with the beers inside. Imagine having the six or twelve pack coolers in the cafe and giving the client the beer in the cooler which mounts onto the cart. This could be a revenue generator for the course and/or cafe.

When in Primm, Nevada golfing this last Summer the temps were 108+ but I had a convenient cart mounted cooler with bottled water in it. This was a nice touch and saved me from dehydration!

Club And Ball Washer

We’re not done “pimping out” a plane Jane golf cart. Now we’re going to add the Club And Ball Washer. The Club And Ball Washer has mounting hardware for just about any golf cart from EZ-GO to Club Car. Four screws with bolts mount the unit above a rear fender in just a few minutes. Installation is a breeze, only requiring a 7/16 wrench and Phillips screwdriver.

The animated image below shows the cart before and after the installation of both the cart cooler and ball/club washer.

golf cart cooler ball washer

Since I don’t own a motorized golf cart (yet), I started trying to figure out where I could put my Club And Ball Washer. I thought it would be funny by my front door bell of my house. “Please wash your balls before entering.” Hehe.

I did manage to use one of the generic brackets to mount the Club And Ball Washer on my Sun Mountain Speed Cart! See pictures below.

club and ball washerclub and ball washer speed cart

More Golf Cart Accessory Images And Video

If you want to see more golf cart accessories pictures from Granby Trading Company, click here for the HOG Granby Gallery.

I also have a short and unprofessionally produced video on YouTube of the Cart Cooler.

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