Golf Blog Post 1500

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 1st, 2007
Categories: Site News

Welcome to post number 1500 here at Hooked On Golf Blog. It’s October 1, 2007. HOG was born on 12/5/2004, 1035 days ago. That’s a rate of 1.4492 posts per day.

If you are wondering why I’m linking to Hooked On Golf Blog within posts here, it’s because there are several sites who are STEALING and reposting my articles and placing Google ads on their sites. There are jerks out there attempting to profit from reposting mine and other golf bloggers’ posts. This hurts the original authors because Google actually penalizes duplicate content…

On another note, you can still get me a birthday present and ship it here for for on-time delivery on October 9… Shipping info can be found in the reviews page link. 🙂

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