Versus Golf SX-1 Shaft And Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
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Versus Golf Driver Removable HeadVersus Golf has a very cool system for club fitters and players who like to tweak their gear. Their “fit and play” system allows you to quickly change shafts or heads. Forget movable weights. How about interchangeable heads and shafts?

SX-1 Driver Head

The SX-1 driver head is a 460cc Titanium sledgehammer. The proprietary “soundforged x” Titanium face and “muscle crown” help give you nice feel, great physical and audio feedback, and huge distance.

golf driver versus golf sx-1

Weighted weight rings (5 grams and 1 gram) allow you to tweak the swingweight and flight trajectory.

SX-1 Shaft

Versus’ cool shaft system is available on shafts from UST, Fujikura and Accra.

The end of the shafts have a system which locks into the driver head via 16 spined slots. There are weight rings at the top of the club head and the the screw which tightens the head on the shaft is also weighted. Once again, the weights allow the player to adjust swingweight and launch angle.


Here’s a short video of me (a.k.a. Dorf on Golf) messing around with the SX-1 shaft and driver head.


The SX-1 shaft is a great system for club fitters and tour vans. You can quickly change heads or shafts and put the club in play for testing or actual rounds. I’m amazed that a system like this hasn’t become some kind of “standard” in the golf industry. How cool would it be to carry 2-3 different driver shafts in your trunk and be able to use the one that’s fitting your current swing during that time?

For more photos of the SX-1 shaft and head, visit the Hooked On Golf Blog Versus Golf gallery.

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