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Threw out the back

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, May 14th, 2007
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Yesterday (Sunday) after all the obligational Mother’s Day activities I walked across the street to play a few holes of golf in the evening with a buddy. There was nobody on the course so we blazed through 18 holes (73).

We went around the front again. I two putted for birdie on #1 and sank a 72 footer for birdie on #4. I knocked a hybrid on the green in two on the par-5 5th and stood over an eagle putt at -1. On my 2nd practice putting stroke of my eagle putt I felt like a lightning bolt hit me in the lower back. I let out a scream and almost fell to the ground. My scoliosis (a birth defect – curved spine) nailed me and my back went out. My buddy was shocked and had no idea something like that could happen.

I’m down for probably close to a week–that’s how long it takes for the muscle spasms to subside. The muscles on either side of my spine are as tight as the highest strings on a piano. When the spasms stop it’s like the biggest relief in the world and you feel like running through the hills singing “the hills are alive….” Until then I’ll be crawling around my place and lying on the floor.

I’ve tried stretching, acupuncture, drugs, deep tissue massage, chiropractors and everything short of a witch doctor to treat my back when it goes out but nothing helps. It just takes a week or so.

This sucks. I’ve been playing some good golf too so I hope my down time doesn’t kill my short game.

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