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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
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There’s a cool new feature on called “Ask the PGA experts.” Go to the home page and scroll down to the bottom. There you’ll see the experts themselves and links to ask a question and to read the answers.

I submitted a question just to see what would happen and the experts replied! I picked a question relating to my game, specifically my fight with golfer’s elbow:

Are there specific ways to adjust your swing or technique to prevent or reduce “golfer’s elbow?”
Tony K.

Golfers elbow is caused by an early release of the wrists on the downswing or a scooping action through impact. This is usually the result of your swing path being outside to in or your body being out of position. If you put your right arm (for a right handed golfer)out in front of you and bent your right wrist backward so that the back of your right hand and wrist created an angle your would want to maintain that angle as long as you could into impact. When you lose that angle and your hand goes the opposite way you are early releasing the club early and creating stress on the elbow that causes golfers elbow. See your local PGA pro for a lesson and they will be able to help you with your early release.

— Dave Phillips, PGA Professional – Titleist Performance Institute

I actually didn’t think there was a solution to my problem, which was part of the reason I picked that question. I simply thought the stress of impact on my aging elbows was the problem. But apparently I have something to look into. I don’t think my swing path goes outside in, but I DO know that a problem I have is early release on my wrists. Fixing the early release will not only increase my power but apparently help my golfer’s elbow problem. I’m very glad to hear this information.

Head to and ask your question!

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