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Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 18th, 2007
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Brijuni Golf ClubThanks to my pop for giving me the lowdown on golf in Croatia. He spent some time there this past Summer and was kind enough to make a special trip to Brijuni Golf Club (located on Brijuni Island) to gather some info for me.

Brijuni Golf Club

Brijuni Golf Club was established in 1922 and at one time was the “largest” golf course in Europe. Not really sure what “largest” means (most acreage, longest yardage?), but it’s a claim de fame for them. Another unique thing about Brijuni Golf Club is it’s sand greens (see pictures).

Croatia Golf Trivia

According to the staff at Brijuni their course is the only one in Croatia. But researching on the subject I found that the course is one of three, and there’s soon to be a Jack Nicklaus designed course built there.

The staff at Brijuni estimates that there are 1000 golfers in Croatia. Judging from the picture of the foursome putting on the 8th green below, the golf babe ratio in Croatia is very high.

Golf babes in Croatia

There’s one Titleist sales representative in Croatia (pictured below right, my pop on the left). There once was a Titleist rep covering several countries along with Croatia. That rep befriended a local golf addict and hired him on as the rep for Croatia so he wouldn’t have to travel there to cover his area. There’s one reason to hang out at your favorite course.

Croatian Titleist Rep

Ball Washer

Take a look at the picture of this ball and club washer below. How cool is that? This is a great idea for a modern course looking to put a salty signature on their personality. You can also see a bunker next to the sand green in the background.

Croatia Golf Ball Washer

I’ve got a bunch of photos of Brijuni Golf Club in the HOG Photo Gallery. Some were taken by my dad and others I found elsewhere on the web.

Quoted Brijuni Golf Club promo text:

Golf course details

In the tranquility of the southeastern part of the island there are 18 green hole numbers (PAR 71, SSS 71) length 5,486 meters (ladies length – 4.977 meters). The course is not too demanding, so that it is available to all sorts of players (recreational players and the golf champions). Fairways are large so there can be different game errors. There are different hazards such as bunkers, woods and single trees, bushes and also water hazard.

3 responses to “Brijuni Golf Club: Golf In Croatia”

  1. fireice says:

    Love the picture of the ball and club washer. Classic ever course should have one.

  2. […] My pop took a trip to Croatia a couple of Summers ago and brought me back some cool stuff from one of the only golf courses there, Brijuni. […]

  3. […] My pop took a trip to Croatia a couple of Summers ago and brought me back some cool stuff from one of the only golf courses there, Brijuni Golf Club. […]





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