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Nike claims “winningest” irons, driver & fairway woods

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 11th, 2007
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Just saw a new Nike commercial. They feature Tiger Woods of course, along with a few other Nike players. This ad is shot in black & white with a very high contrast so dark areas of the people’s skin and clothing simply blend into the background. It’s kind of cool looking.

At the end of the ad it says “2006 PGA Tour winningest driver, irons, fairway woods.” This certainly isn’t a lie, with Tiger being their main player. I’m sure some golf geek out there can tell me what percentage of the players on the PGA Tour play Nike clubs but I’m sure it’s a much smaller number than those who play many of the other big names. For Nike to make this claim is similar to what they were doing at the Masters. Remember they were paying all the old timers to use their sticks? That way they could claim “the most played club at the Masters.”

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