Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
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Fantasy week 2 results are in! “Springboks” has won week two with a total of 190 points and is currently in the lead for total points. For his efforts Springboks will win one of these weekly prizes:

1. Shoe Tool (golf shoe cleaner)
2. Flexie Tee (cool reuseable tees)
3. Velocity Wipes (club cleaner)
4. TheFloppy (indoor golf balls)
5. Bonus: Hooked On Golf Blog/The Golf Space golf towel

Stay tuned for more prize info. I’ll have it all done after I get back from the PGA Show in Orlando later this month. I may be able to work out some other prizes down there so I want to wait until I get back.

Here’s the link for the full table of fantasy results from both HOG Space fantasy golf leagues for week 2:

We’re now up to 87 teams between the two current leagues: HOG Space and HOG Space 2. There’s still room in league two and you can still win tons of prizes so click here for details on how to join the fray.

5 responses to “FANTASY GOLF WEEK 2 RESULTS”

  1. Golfchick says:

    With two teams it’s hard to tell how you’re faring. Is there some way to consolidate the team so we can see the rankings together?

  2. I’m guessing you mean two leagues. If you can think of an “easy” way to combine those two tables I’m all ears! PITA!!!

  3. Golfchick says:

    You’re obviously combining them somehow to come up with the weekly winners. Or are you just eyeballing it? Geez – hate to be a PITA. You’re the one who asked me to play this silly game. Just a suggestion – forget I said anything.

  4. Yeah I’m eyeballing it. But they are somewhat together in the link above. It would take me a LOOOONNNG time to put together one table with both of the leagues combined and in sequential order,  which is what I imagine you were talking about. Thanks to yahoo for only allowing 50 teams in a league.

  5. Eat Golf says:

    Holy Cow I got lucky – I made my picks on Monday because I didn’t think I’d get a chance later – The tourney started a day early – totally unusual – and none of my picks WD’d or NE’d.

    Only 22 points today for Eat – had one player shoot 6 over and is tied for last.. 22 may be the worst round I ever including last year (other than messing up and not picking).

    I can only hope that bugger Cal and bedford Jeff had some bad picks too before they catch up.

    I see that you Tony have are stuck with last weeks picks – some NE’s dang -bummer. There’s still a lot of golf left though so one could make that back up – (knowing your mad fantasy golf skills though I really doubt it- HA HA)






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