Cleaning dead golf blogs out of the closet

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, December 30th, 2006
Categories: Golf MediaSite News

When Hooked On Golf Blog started there were no more than 5 golf blogs. Now I’ve got well over 100 golf blogs listed in the HOG Master Links. There are probably 100’s more out there I don’t have in my links section. There sites like TravelGolf who have several bloggers under one roof and all the zillions of blogger golf blogs I’m sure I have yet to find.

For the end of the year I’m going to try to find some new golf blogs to add to my blogroll, and I’m also going to clean out the closet. It’s time to remove inactive golf blogs from my links. Inactive golf blogs which are still online and haven’t been deleted don’t really help the more active blogs much, except for possibly some cross linking. The inactive blogs suck up search engine positions and compete with the active blogs for search results.

So I’m going to run through my links over the next day or two and delete anything that hasn’t been updated in the last few months. If you have a golf blog I’d recommend you do the same.

UPDATE: Golf blog closet cleaning complete.  Golf blogs which haven’t been updated in 3 months or more are gonzo!  Now before you come here snivelling about your blog being deleted, make a post first and I’ll put it back in the links!

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