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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
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The Golf Grouch, one of the best and first golf blogs to hit this planet, is two years old. Grouchy has a good system. He posts about 1 REALLY good post per week which gets lots of good comment action and stirs lots of excellent debate in his comment thread.

The Grouch is a class act and I tip back a frosty beverage in a toast to his golf blog quality and longevity. Here here.


EatGolf.com‘s 2 year birthday is just a few days after Grouchy’s. Anyone who has frequented this blog knows the HOG and EAT are the best of golf blog friends. Rich (Mr. Eat himself) has helped me out BIG TIME on many occasions with my newbie golf blog and aspiring web geek questions. Not sure I’ll take his advice on picking up chicks, but hey the “golf blog web geek” angle just might work in the bars or at 7-11…

Eat’s golf blog reflects the contents of Rich’s cranium, a vast geek wasteland full of twisted brilliance. You can find anything from great golf tips to golf jokes. The most impressive recent additions to EatGolf.com are his amazing course directory and the brand new Eat Golf Shopper.

Eat Courses

Eat’s course directory utilizes the Google Maps API and gives you locations and directions to every course in the country. Not only that, Rich’s cranium added detailed course information such as prices, amenities and even reader comments.

Eat shopper

The latest from Eat is the Shopper. Type in any golf product and the Eat engine will search the web for the best prices and give them to you in an ebay like listing. Here’s a tip though, it works for other products too. I typed in “panties” and was pleasantly surprised at the results. Ahem…I digress.


When I started out HOG I looked up at the “big boys” of golf blogging in admiration. I’d hoped to have a blog close to as cool as the Eats and Grouches of the web. Many dozens of golf blogs have come and gone but these guys remain two of the best. Cheers my friends. Here’s to 2 more years.

2 responses to “Happy blogday EATGOLF.COM and GOLF GROUCH”

  1. golfgrouch says:

    Thanks for the very kind words. It’s nice to know that there is such a supportive group of fellow golf bloggers.

    The next time you visit Los Angeles, Rich and I will be sure to treat you to a round of golf!

  2. Eat Golf says:

    Yeah thanks for the kind words buddy!

    Even though you haven’t been around quite as long as Grouchy and Eat, HOGB quickly became the best golf blog there is – Keep up the good work over here!

    Oh yeah, and when trying to talk to the ladies – the only thing worse than talking about golf is to say that you’re a computer geek – trust me on that one 🙂

    Looking forward to a Grouchy, Media, Golfchick, and Eat round!