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Tattoo Golf – Mr. Bones Performance Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 25th, 2012
Categories: Golf ApparelReviews
Tattoo Golf - Mr. Bones Polo

Tattoo Golf – Mr. Bones Polo – click to zoom

What a great week of apparel reviews so far.  For today (Friday) we are going with a very fun and cool polo from my good pals at Tattoo Golf.  Tattoo Golf is like a brother to Hooked On Golf Blog, especially with the skulls.

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones is a very cool golf polo shirt with a great screen of a skeleton golfer standing by a golf flag.  Mr. Bones is decked out in Tattoo Golf gear.  In fact, Mr. Bones is wearing a Tattoo Golf OB Polo which I reviewed a short time ago.

The fabric of this polo is just like the OB, 100% polyester which makes it easily manageable and washable.  The fabric resists wrinkling.

The fabric in the shirt provides protection from ultraviolet rays (UV).

Moisture wicking is a feature of most polos these days and Mr. Bones is no exception.  The fabric brings moisture away from your skin where it evaporates on the outer side away from the skin.

On The Course

The photo upper right was taken on a hot day at my favorite course, Black Mesa.  Mr. Bones performed flawlessly in keeping me comfortable and dry in the hot New Mexico desert.  Mr. Bones doesn’t restrict the golf swing or bind during the body turn.  Nice.

Of course, Mr. Bones is always the talk of the course, so handsome.


Mr. Bones is currently available only in white as far as I can tell.  There are men’s and women’s versions of Mr. Bones with sizes ranging from small to XXXL.


Mr. Bones is a killer golf polo.  Pun intended.


Tattoo Golf OB Polo Review

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Review: Oxford Golf Ballybay Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 24th, 2012
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf LifestyleReviews
Oxford Golf Ballybay Polo

Oxford Golf Ballybay Polo – click to zoom

I’m busting out the golf apparel reviews on a daily basis!  Today’s apparel review is of the Oxford Golf Ballybay Polo.  Lets take a look.

Ballybay Description

The Ballybay polo is made from Oxford’s stretch “CoolMax” fabric.  The fabric is a 93% polyester and 7% spandex mix, with an anti-microbial finish.  My dislike for cotton is well publicized and this polo is a keeper since it has NO cotton!  The anti-microbial finish helps keep odor away.

The fabric features Super Dry performance wicking, which draws moisture away from the skin and to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates.

A great feature, which really helped me last week along with the wicking, is that the shirt provides ultraviolet ray protection.  I was in the sun last Thursday ALL day at Black Mesa (pictured below) with my Ballybay. (more…)

Review: Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Golf Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearReviews
Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Polo

Quagmire Golf DewSweeper Polo – white

The term “Dew Sweeper” comes from a reference to golfer who has very early tee times, early enough that there is still dew on the ground.  If one is playing in a tournament on the last day or two, this certainly isn’t a term you’d like to be associated with because the players in the worst position on the leaderboard start first.

Quagmire DewSweeper Golf Polo

The Quagmire Golf “DewSweeper” golf polo shirt is certainly a more positive use of the term.  The DewSweeper is a very unique golf polo with a slanted button up setup.  Quagmire always seems to do something interesting and unique with their shirts, which sets them apart and makes them very recognizable. This button pattern certainly does that.

The material in the DewSweeper is a 100% polyester.  Yay! No cotton!  I really love polys because they’re a breeze to care for, don’t wrinkle easily and last forever.

The DewSweeper’s polyester also is a “wicking” material, which brings moisture away from the player’s skin and sends it to the outside of the shirt, where it will evaporate.  In short, it keeps you nice and dry.


The DewSweeper is available in men’s medium through XXL.  No small, but I’ve found that Quagmire’s shirts fit more “euro-style.”  To me that means smaller and tighter fitting.

Color choices for the DewSweeper include purple (pictured below right), white and blue. (more…)

Review: adidas Samba Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearReviews

This past review period for the adidas Sambas has been about as fun as one could imagine.  I first put them into play on my favorite course in the world, Black Mesa.  I beat them up right out of the box, climbing like a mountain goat on the New Mexico sand hills and plateaus looking for great photo opportunities.  Then there was the round yesterday, my best ever, here at home.

adidas Samba Golf Shoe

adidas Samba Golf Shoes – click to zoom

Samba Overview

The Samba shoe was originally a soccer shoe.  The golf version seems to be a cross between the soccer shoe, a golf shoe and the new street shoe styles which are hot right now.  The platform of the shoe isn’t like a standard golf shoe with the big heel and thick sole.  It seems to get the player closer to the ground as a result of the “THINTECH” low-profile design. (more…)

Review: BagBoy T-2000 Golf Travel Bag

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

I can’t help thinking of Terminator whenever I see the BagBoy “T-2000” name.  There was the Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, the, T-800,  T-850, T-1000 and now the BagBoy T-2000 golf travel bag.

BagBoy T-2000 Travel Bag

“I need your shoes, your clothes and your motorcycle.”

Does this bag protect my golf clubs while traveling like a Terminator would?  Lets find out. (more…)

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