About Those Crowdfunding Requests

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
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I receive five or more email requests EVERY DAY to blog about a crowdfunding project for a “great new product that is going to change the game.” I’m all about the spirit of entrepreneurs and the dedication it takes to design, build, and release a product for sale. That said, if I posted about every Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign the blog would be overflowing with that content, which isn’t interesting and would make the site very spammy.

I focus on real reviews of real golf products. I give my best regards to those who want me to post about their crowdsourcing campaigns but I have to decline at this point, unless you want to talk about some paid advertising.

When you DO have a REAL production product, hit me up. I’ll be happy to look at doing a product review of it then, free of charge, if I think it would be an interesting item to cover for the awesome HOG readers.

Good luck and thanks for your consideration.

I Barf as I Type This, But Hooked on Golf Blog is Now on Instagram

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 24th, 2016
Categories: MiscellaneousSite News

I need another social network like I need a worse short game.  I’ve resisted Instalame, I mean Instagram, for a long time.  There are many reasons I’ve not been a fan of Instagram and not joined it:

  • I can’t stand the crappy pictures shot on cell phone cameras which are then over-processed with instalame filters.  “Ooohhh you’re such a great ‘photographer!'”  LOL.
  • I don’t dig square pictures*.  Sometimes I use them but in general I like to shoot wide panoramas of golf courses and square just doesn’t cut it.
  • I can’t upload images from my computer.  I often shoot raw images with one of my many cameras, then process the raw settings in photoshop to get the best quality and exposure I can, then upload to the web.  Not being able to upload photos from a computer is one of the dumbest things ever.

Despite those irritants, I’ve decided to take Instagram for a spin now.  

Hell of a sand trap. #nofilter

A photo posted by Hooked on Golf Blog (@hookedongolfblog) on

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I’ve been capturing a lot of pictures with my smartphone lately.  Smartphone cameras keep getting better and better.  But it’s a pain to download them to my computer, then edit them in Photoshop, then upload them here to be displayed.  If I can go straight from my phone to Instagram I can then just embed the photos.  It does make the workflow a little easier.

Because Instagram is so big in terms of members, I might be able to make a few new connections and bring in some traffic from users who find HOG there and not on other social networks.  Even if I get a few new happy patrons it will be worth it. Photos I post there will likely only be from my phone, and not edited or processed.

*I did find a way around the square images, which is good. You can click a little icon in the post window in Instagram which switches from square to actual picture dimensions. I will not be posting much square stuff now.

New Gallery Coming in 2016

I have recently found out that the image gallery engine I’m using here has been mothballed.  So I’m testing out using Instagram (Twitter, G+ and Facebook) as my photo repositories. Free storage.  Each one of these has its inherent problems though.  Instagram’s are that the image size is reduced.  Facebook’s photo quality is crap.  Google plus is likely to go away due to the fact that it’s a ghost town.  That leaves Twitter, which so far has been the best to deal with for images.  But still I can’t organize the photos into albums, sort them, edit them, etc…

Those reasons above are why I’ve decided to program my own photo gallery in PHP.  It’s come along but not ready to use yet.

So there you have it. HOG is now on Instagram.  Can’t wait to see more Paulina Gretzky and Paige Spirinac yoga pants photos there. #barf

The Consequences of the Ball You Hit

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, April 18th, 2016
Categories: BoneheadsGolfGolf For WomenMiscellaneous

I love golf signs, especially ones that I have to read about 300 times to figure them out and still can’t.
Consequences Golf Sign


I love how some grammar freak like me used a golf pencil to put in the missing comma after “the golfer.”

The sign addresses “the golfer.” So what if a person who isn’t a golfer is reading the sign? And what if a person who is not a golfer hits a ball? Or is the sign simply trying to call out the golfer in a group of non golfers? “Hey you, the golfer.”

I’m still trying to wrap myself around the “consequences of the ball you hit” part.  The ball has consequences? I find that hard to believe but let’s assume it does.  Why shouldn’t the ball itself be responsible for its own consequences?  Why should I, assuming I’m the golfer, be responsible?

Lower Back MRI Results

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 16th, 2016
Categories: Golf FitnessMiscellaneous

I consulted with my back doctor yesterday. We looked at my recent MRI and discussed some of the issues going on with my back stiffness and spasms. There’s good news and bad news.


What I Hoped For

I had hoped that the doctor would look at the MRI and find an obvious issue to be addressed. “See here? This bone is pushing on a nerve. We can do x procedure and your problems will go away.”

What Really Happened

The doc said I have arthritis in my lower back and in some areas the vertebrae are bone on bone. In some areas of the back there is limited room for the nerves which causes them to pinch and produce pain. Also I have a couple of discs which are slightly bulging.

Good News/Bad News

In a way, this report is both good news and bad news. The good news is that I don’t have anything super major wrong. No risky surgery required. The bad news is that there’s no simple solution and my pain and discomfort is likely to continue, and probably get worse.


The doc said if I have more pain or can’t shake the issues, he could try doing some steroid shots. He said they could last a varied amount of time, even as short as a month. He prescribed physical therapy to strengthen my core and supporting muscle structure. I start that next Thursday. He also set me up with a prescription one-a-day anti-inflammatory.

I’m a little miffed there’s no quick/simple solution, even surgical.  At the same time I don’t have to worry and endure the stress and risk of back surgery at this point.

I’ll give the PT a worthy effort.

Adios Golf Course Grounds Crew – Your Replacement Autonomous Fairway Mower Has Arrived

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 15th, 2016
Categories: GolfGolf CoursesGolf VideosMiscellaneous

As a drone builder and flyer I’m interested in autonomous technology. Below is a video and info about an autonomous fairway mower. It mows the course without a human piloting it. I dig the technology but I also worry about potential golf jobs lost with this sort of thing.

About TURFLYNX and the F315 machine

TURFLYNX wants to make a future of mobile robots and information-based solutions for field keeping activities a reality today. We brought to market the first fully autonomous golf course fairway mower.

TURFLYNX’s vision of a mobile-robot and information-based future has resulted in our first product: the F315 autonomous triplex fairway mower.

We currently work hard in the development and marketing of robotic solutions for golf courses and sports fields using mobile robotics technology.

TURFLYNX developed the first autonomous and driverless fairway mower available on the market. A solution tailored to be cost-effective, autonomous, silent and environmentally friendly, with a special focus in reducing the maintenance costs on Golf Courses, addressing the needs of Managers and Greenkeepers, but also guided towards the improvement of the environment and to higher quality standards of the playable area.

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