Dislocated My Left Shoulder

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 26th, 2019
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2019 will go down in infamy as a horrible year for my shoulders, and my golf game. This past Sunday I dislocated my left shoulder, five months and two weeks after I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder for torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, bone spurs and a torn bicep tendon.

The injury happened while I was hiking up in the mountains near Alta Ski Area.  I had done about six miles of incredibly difficult terrain, up one mountain and down the other side.  The down part was very difficult, bushwhacking down loose rock and gravel at 45-50 degree angles. In the photo below you can see part of what I came down. From the top, down the tree line, down the rocks.

At the end of the hike I was walking down a dirt road to my car. About 1/4  mile from my car I cut a corner and slipped on gravel, bracing myself with my left arm.  Dislocated.

At that point I was 1//4 mile from my car, and worse about 15-20 miles from a hospital. I hitchhiked to my car and drove to the nearest “urgent care.” Driving was brutal.  I had to go down a windy canyon and with each turn the muscles and tendons around my shoulder would have violent contractions which nearly made me pass out.

Urgent Care – I Think Not

Getting the door open and getting out of the car was nearly impossible.  I managed to slowly do that and walk into the urgent care.  The guy at the front desk asked me for my ID and insurance card and had me fill out paperwork.  I swear he was the slowest person on the planet.  Meanwhile I’m groaning and yelping in pain with the contractions and spasms.   After about 15 minutes of waiting a “doctor” came out and asked, “are you the one who is yelling in pain?”  “Yes,” I responded.  “I can’t help you,” she said.  “Why not?” I asked.  She then said she couldn’t administer pain medication.  At that point I said, “I’m already in pain. I just need you to put my arm back in.”  She said, “I can’t help you.  You’ll have to drive to St. Mark’s Hospital. Can I help you out the door?”  At that point I was furious, and told her ,”thanks for wasting 20 minutes of my time.”

I gingerly got back in my car, closed the door with my left foot, and drove another 25 minutes to the hospital.

From there things went a lot better.  The ER people got me in quickly and the doctor came in fairly fast.  They got my shirt off and that’s when I had a look at my shoulder.  There was a big hole/indentation where my shoulder and arm connected. All I could say was, “holy shit look at that.” My arm was basically about 1-2 inches lower than it should have been.

The doctor took my hand with one hand, and with his other hand manipulated my shoulder blade. He moved my arm upward and around a little. Within about five seconds my arm was back in the socket.  The manipulation didn’t hurt at all and I instantly felt way better.  That made me more irritated about the “urgent care.”


So here I am, in a sling. My “good” arm is now my former bad arm.  My surgery arm is still very sore and stiff from “frozen shoulder.” My left arm is sore and weak, but the recovery time won’t be anything compared to the surgery arm.

Golf? Forget it. 2019 is lost, even without the dislocation. I’m just trying to post any relevant content that inspires me at this point.  Apparel reviews, travel, courses.  Can’t review any gear that requires a golf swing.

I suppose one way of looking at this in a positive fashion would be that I have no more shoulders to mess up. Quota reached.



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