HOG Image Gallery Slowly Regaining Consciousness

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 3rd, 2019
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For nearly 15 years the Hooked on Golf Blog image gallery has been serving up golf related photos.  About a year ago though, some problems with the gallery started to happen.  The software that ran the gallery had been abandoned by the company that wrote it, and as time went on and web technologies advanced, the gallery eventually croaked.  At that point the gallery had over 20,000 photos in it.

I looked around for other gallery software to replace the old one with.  Every time I found an option, I feared I’d get invested again and go through the same problems later. So I decided to write my own software. This past weekend, I put it up and it is now working! Below is a screen cap of the “Courses” category.

Unfortunately transferring the old gallery images to the new one has to be a manual process.  It is tedious to say the least.  I’ve got the “Courses” and “Apparel” galleries up now. Over the next days/weeks, I will be adding all the rest of the galleries like “Golf Travel,” “Golf Equipment” and so on.

More To Come

There’s a lot more work to do.  There are some bugs and tweaks I’d like to do on the layout and such.  But the core is there.  Enjoy.



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