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Annual Hell Day Tournament Today – Last Day As Mr. President

10.26.10 | Category: Golf LifeLifeMiscellaneous

Hell Day Tournament Today is the the last tournament of the year for my men’s association, which I’ve been president now for SIX years.  For the last tournament we trick […]


Strange Cold White Stuff On The Ground

10.25.10 | Category: Life

I opened the front door this morning to walk out to my car, and the car was covered with a very strange material.  It was very cold to the touch […]


Vdara Hotel and Spa – Las Vegas

10.20.10 | Category: Golf LifeGolf LifestyleLifeReviewsTravel

May 22nd of this year was the happiest day I’ve ever had.  It was the date I married the best lady in the world.  After the wedding, which was a […]


State of my game – October 2010

10.17.10 | Category: GolfGolf LifeLife

My Game Is Coming Back Despite this being about the most crazy busy summer I can ever remember on a personal level; despite not playing as many rounds as I […]


2010 Birthday List

10.09.10 | Category: LifeMiscellaneous

Thanks to all my pals for the birthday wishes.  That day is today. Below is my list of eligible gifts I’d be willing to accept. There’s still time to shop…  […]


Lowest Round Of The Year

09.17.10 | Category: GolfGolf LifeHackersLife

Between going to Paris last month, and throwing my back out badly, I didn’t play as much golf in the last few weeks as I would have wanted.  In fact, […]


My local PGA pro does more than help my short game

09.03.10 | Category: LifeMiscellaneous

I haven’t driven my car in two weeks. The damn battery was dead this morning. It was nice of my local PGA pro Guy Lester to come over to my […]


Still on blogcation, but maybe this pic will give you an idea where I am

08.30.10 | Category: Life

Check out my new girlfriend.  She’s sort of famous.

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