A friend and inspiration lives

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, December 3rd, 2011
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Today is a special day and I can’t wait to visit my very good friend and Iraq war vet Bryant Jacobs. Today is Bryant’s “alive” day. We’ll be celebrating the fact that Bryant is alive this evening at Bryant’s new home, built by Homes For Our Troops.

Seven years ago Bryant was blown up by a road side bomb in Iraq. He barely survived and has lived in great pain ever since. He’s had countless surgeries. Golf brought me and Bryant together and we’ve enjoyed dozens of rounds together. Love the camaraderie we’ve built up. I’ve seen the pain in Bryant’s eyes–seen him limp and struggle, yet NEVER complain.

Homes For Our Troops

Bryant is 2nd from left. I'm 2nd from right.

When I feel down or frustrated about life or my golf game, thinking of my buddy Brant puts it all in perspective and makes me realize how unimportant my troubles really are.

Hats off to you buddy.  See you tonight.

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