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Golf Short Game Tip: Use No-Chipping Sign as Target When Practicing Chipping

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 16th, 2015
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Use No-Chipping Sign as Target When Practicing Chipping

Use No-Chipping Sign as Target When Practicing Chipping

While at the practice putting green last week I found a golfer there practicing his chipping. After watching him for a few minutes I realized the brilliance of what he was doing. He was using the “no chipping” sign as part of his chipping practice. He positioned his landing spot to be just over the no-chipping sign, and he would try to chip in such a way that the ball would land just over it, then release nicely to the hole.

I highly recommend using the no-chipping sign as a golf training aid when working on chipping. I’ve used the no-chipping sign for my short game drills ever since and I’ve noticed quite an improvement in my short game stats.

Golf Is Right Where I Left It

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
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Had my first round in over a month, and only my 3rd round since about November.  It was the first league day for one of my two men’s associations.  Conditions were pristine.  No wind and warm enough to have to take off my sweater.

Golf is Still Golf

I started out making six pars in a row.  Then on the 7th hole of this 9-hole league I made a birdie.  The “SCCS” kicked in after that, “swollen cerebral cortex syndrome.”  I promptly made a double on a par-3 which I had pitching wedge in my hand on the tee.  Duh.  Finished with a par for a round of +1.

So golf is still golf.  You think you have it, then you make a dumb double.

I’m surprised at my seeming lack of rust.  I hope I’m ahead of the game, so to speak, this year as opposed to most winters where the game which comes out of hibernation is one of a 20 handicap, taking me most of the summer to get back to a 1.

I have a new gamer driver which I seem to really hit a mile.  Review coming as soon as I feel I have enough rounds to fully evaluate it.  I also have a new putter grip, new laser, new golf GPS watch, new sand wedge, new irons, new bag, new golf balls, new shoes, about 10 new shirts…

The review gear has been stacking up over the winter.

It’s nice to be back playing golf.  The game of golf is right where I left it, triumphs and tragedies.  It’s like I never left.

Shot 70 Yesterday and Have No *&%*ing Idea If My Glutes Activated

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 9th, 2015
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River Oaks Golf Course, Sandy, Utah

10th Hole – RIver Oaks

We’ve had record high temperatures this past week or two.  While Boston is getting hammered with snow, ski town Utah is hitting 69 degrees and breaking February temp records by not just a degree or two, but seven!  Last year my home course was closed from December 24th to March 1st.  This year it is shorts and short sleeve polos on February 8th! That can mean only one thing…


Played with my local director of golf and a couple of other pals yesterday.  It was my 2nd round in 2015 and 3rd round since November. It was sure to be a mess of a round with all the rust, right?  Guess not.  Shot a 70 somehow.

Apparently my glutes were fully activated, per Tiger Woods’s comments a few days ago.

The problem is that I think my glutes stayed activated after the round, and well into the night.  I could not sleep much at all.  If only I could activate and deactivate my glutes at will.

2014 Christmas Classic Video

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, January 1st, 2015
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Fresh off the editing room floor is the video of the recently contested 2014 Christmas Classic golf tournament.  The annual Christmas Classic is held every Christmas day at River Oaks Golf Course in Sandy, Utah, snow permitting.  If the course is open, the tournament is off.  The tournament has been going for at least 10 years.

In this tournament a par-3 hole is picked.  The hole can be a regular par-3, or like this year, one we make up.  Each player brings 12 golf balls, custom marked so they can be easily identified in the snow.  The closest ball to the pin is the winner.

This year we had a new competitor, Robert Lund.  It was nice to have a new participant, and fantastic that Robert put his musical genius to work and quickly made up the new theme music, “The 12 Balls of Christmas.”

Congrats to this year’s champion, Dan Crookston!

2014 Christmas Classic

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 26th, 2014
Categories: GolfHackers

Yesterday, Christmas day, was a blast.  Once again a few buddies and I continued on the annual “Christmas Classic” golf tournament, where we hit the 12 Balls of Christmas.  The winner is the player whose ball is closest to the pin.  Usually we pick a par-3 hole, or as was the case yesterday, we make one up.

The competitors left to right: Robert, Kevin, Dan, Tony (me) – Click to see more photos…

Yesterday’s hole for the championship featured the teeing area of the par-3 3rd hole.  From there we hit back over the bridge to the par-4 2nd hole green.  The shot was about 147 yards, with a light snow flurry blowing from left to right (a north wind of course).

The competition was fun and when we arrived at the green to see who the champion golfer of the year would be, my friend and really good guy Dan was the winner.  He knocked a shot to about two feet!

2014 Christmas Classic Champion Dan! Well Played! Click to see more photos…

Congratulations to Dan, the champion golfer of the year.  That’s a fine shot, old chap.

Stay tuned for the video highlights soon.

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