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Golf Apparel Review: Ecco Leather Golf Belts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 10th, 2013
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Great news following my last round of golf, testing a nice new belt: My pants didn’t fall down!  That’s what belts do, right?  They keep your pants from falling down?  In today’s golf world they do more than that.  Belts are a statement about the player and his/her style.  Lets take a look at the latest leather belts from ECCO.  Yes ECCO, the maker of some of the best golf shoes on the planet.Ecco Leather Men's Belt

ECCO golf owns their own tanneries so they can be in control of every step of the shoe making process, and now belts.  Ecco’s belts are simple and very classy looking. The buckle is an enamel filled square with a modest “Ecco” logo.


There are three colors available: off-white, rich espresso and deep black. My model is the rich espresso. That’s fitting because I have about three rich espressos every morning.


At $100 retail, this may be a little outside the budget of some golfers.  That being said, this is a case of “you get what you pay for” at its best.  The new ECCO leather belts are super-stylish, made from high quality materials and best of all keep your pants from falling down.

Father’s Day alert!

This belt would be a perfect Father’s Day gift.  I’ll be adding the ECCO men’s leather belts to the annual HOG Father’s Day golf gift guide soon.

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First Look: Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, May 4th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

I first saw these golf/street hybrid wingtips from Ecco at the PGA Show in January. It was love at first sight.   I’m a big fan of wingtip golf shoes and to have a pair that would work for golf, or the office… woa.  That way I can sneak out and hit some balls at lunch without even changing shoes…

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes - click to see more

Ecco Tour Hybrid Wingtip Golf Shoes – click to see more

Enjoy this first look and check out the HOG Ecco Tour Hybrid photo gallery until I’ve put these babies through the rigorous HOG review battery. Stay tuned…

First Look: GoBe Golf Prodigy-Black/Red Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, April 28th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

There’s a new golf shoe maker on the radar: GoBe Golf.  GoBe released its inaugural line of golf shoes in September of 2012.  I got my first glimpse of some of their shoes at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this past January.

GoBe Golf Prodigy-Black/Red Golf Shoes - click for more images

GoBe Golf Prodigy-Black/Red Golf Shoes – click for more images

Now in the review queue here at Hooked On Golf Blog world headquarters are the Prodigy-Black/Red model in the GoBe line.  These are a golf/street hybrid, the big rage these days.  This pair is has a cool shiny look which I dig.  I’ll not only be testing these shiny treads on the course, but in the office too.

Stay tuned for my GoBe Golf Prodigy-Black/Red review, as soon as I’ve logged enough rounds with ’em.


GoBe Image Gallery

Leading Golf Blogger Releases His Own Ground Breaking Masters Apparel Script

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
Categories: GolfGolf AccessoriesGolf ApparelGolf GearThe Masters

SANDY, UT – April 10, 2013 – Golf blogging veteran from Hooked On Golf Blog, Tony Korologos, has released a ground breaking new Masters apparel script.  The script showcases incredible creativity as well as trend setting color combinations never before seen in the golf apparel industry.


Tony Korologos’s apparel script – click to enlarge

“With all these PR agencies and golf companies releasing their apparel scripts of PGA Tour players, I felt the public needed a more realistic, down to earth, grass roots, every-day-Joe-hacker apparel script.  It took months of research and market testing to conclude that the best colors to match with black were black and of course black.  Adding to the stylish, yet creative color scheme are the Masters hat and socks, which provide a top and bottom to the ensemble.”   ~Hooked On Golf Blog Blogger, Author, janitor, writer, blogger and editor Tony Korologos

Never before seen in a golf apparel script, Korologos includes socks and undies.  The undies, according to Korologos, can be a crucial piece to the golf performance puzzle.  Proper undies can be the difference between a win and a loss, or in his case the difference between winning and losing a $2.00 nassau:

“Of all the hundreds of golf apparel scripts out there, none of them include the undies of the player.  We all know that socks and especially undies are crucial to the performance of the player.  How the scripts don’t include undies is beyond me.  I know from personal experience that I putt much better when I don’t have my undies bunched up in my crack.  Sure including undies in an apparel script is risky, but it has to be done.  Someone had to have the balls to do it.” ~Tony Korologos

Korologos understands that releasing this amazing new apparel script may lead to copy-cat scripts from the large apparel manufacturers:

“Being a pioneer in golf apparel isn’t exactly my goal.  It is just a byproduct of what I’m doing to contribute in my own small way to the game of golf and the golf industry.  I understand large apparel manufacturers and PR agencies will copy this concept and I’m fine with that.  In the end, the growth of the game of golf and the increased enjoyment of golfers is what is most important.”  ~Tony Korologos

Kentwool Masters Socks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 5th, 2013
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearThe Masters

Love the color scheme… click to enlarge

Like socks? Like the Masters? Here’s a post for you…

Ah yes the best time of year is here. Next week is Masters week. One of the best parts of the Masters time of year is all the Masters themed golf gear.  Today’s featured Masters themed golf item: Kentwool’s limited Masters socks.  Love the color combination.  These socks go with the 14.2 billion other Masters items in my collection.

Its no secret that I’m a big fan of Kentwool.  They make fantastic wool socks.  I’ve talked about Kentwool quite a bit here on HOG.  Check out my Kentwool Tour golf socks review and my Kentwool 19th Hole dress socks review.

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