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Ben Curtis didn’t win yesterday with an 8 shot lead

06.26.06 | Category: PGA Tour

Play was suspended yesterday at the Booz Allen Classic due to weather conditions. So Ben Curtis will have to try to hold onto his 8 shot lead for his remaining […]


Great White North Golf Blogs

06.24.06 | Category: Golf Media

There are a few golf blogs up in the Great White North (aka Canada). What’s that all aboot aye? Of course most of us know Robert Thompson and his Going […]


Will Ben Curtis ever validate his British Open win?

06.23.06 | Category: PGA Tour

Aim low. This week’s Booze Allen Classic first round had nearly 50 players in the field shoot in the 60’s. So much for last week’s U.S. Open playing conditions. We’re […]


Fantasy 1st Half Winner wins a Nintendo DS and True Swing Golf

06.21.06 | Category: Site News

BOBBLEHEADS has won the first half of the HOG Fantasy Golf League with a grand total of 2,998 points. Congratulations BOBBLEHEADS! You have won a NINTENDO DS along with the […]


Fantasy week 20 results

| Category: Site News

“Grip It And Rip It” is the winner for fantasy week 20 with a massive 222 points. That’s the 3rd highest point total for the season so far. GIARI wins […]


Smarter than I thought…

06.20.06 | Category: Golf MediaPGA Tour

If you listen to the show I did with AOL Sports Bloggers Live before the U.S. OPEN last week I predicted that Tiger would not do well. When asked to […]


I’m on AOL Sports Bloggers Live Tonight!

06.19.06 | Category: Golf MediaInterviewsPGA TourSite News

The guys at sportsbloggerslive.com are having me on as a guest to talk about the U.S. Open tonight! I guess I didn’t flame out as bad as I thought because […]


“I am such an idiot.” ~Phil Mickelson

06.18.06 | Category: PGA Tour

“I am such an idiot.” ~Phil Mickelson I couldn’t agree more this time. That meltdown today was completely idiotic and COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. Why didn’t someone like Bones (Phil’s […]

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