Divot Up – Would you wear a retractable green repair tool on your belt?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 29th, 2011
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divot up

Divot tool on spring loaded retractable belt mounted cable - click for more images

Golf inventors have so many ideas and gadgets that I could spend the rest of my life reviewing all of the ones which have come in to HOG Lab.  The divot tool (sorry, green repair tool) has been reinvented more times than the wheel.

Another reinvention to the divot tool list is the Divot Up.  This is a fairly nice divot tool, attached to a retractable and spring loaded cable which mounts on the player’s belt.  This is great for those middle aged Harley dudes who like to attach their keys to their belt I suppose.  Or perhaps the golf gadget addict who has everything else already.

The product is manufactured well and is very sturdy.  The tool does in fact do a good job of fixing ball marks. Included with the green repair tool is a magnetic ball marker which can be customized.

Would any serious player wear this?  Probably not.

I asked 10 low handicap players if they’d wear the Divot Up.  Needless to say, the answer was “no” for all 10.  Personally I wouldn’t either, but I’m at a loss for an exact reason why.  I don’t really like things attached to my belt, and I’m not a janitor key user or “Harley chain wallet” guy.

I met Divot Up founder Terry Huffman and he’s a nice guy.  I’d love to be wrong and see Terry sell a million of them, but I don’t really see a big market for this product.

Chime In

Comment below if you have one opinion or another on this.  Would you or wouldn’t you wear a retractable divot tool on your belt while golfing?

One response to “Divot Up – Would you wear a retractable green repair tool on your belt?”

  1. Tim Heiman says:

    Hi, I made a couple of these two summers ago and I use it every time I play golf. I find myself fixing more divots just because it is so handy to use. I attach mine to a belt loop on my right side as I am right handed. I never hear it, I never notice it, but it is right there handy instead of digging into my pocket and fishing around for the divot tool among my tees. I think instead of asking the guys if they would use it, have them use it one round and see if they aren’t amazed how quick it is to fix multiple divots while your on the green.







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