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Golf For Dummies DVD by Gary McCord

12.10.04 | Category: Golf InstructionGolf MediaReviews

Here’s my first DVD review! First of all I must say I love Gary McCord. Some people can’t stand him as an announcer but I happen to love his humor. […]


Caller #7

| Category: Miscellaneous

I’m a Utah native but NOT mormon. I went to the University of Utah and I’ve attended all their basketball and football games since I was probably 4 or 5 […]


Golf in the near future!?

| Category: Hackers

It’s December and snowy here. But the snow is melting here in the “valley.” The temp is supposed to be 53 tomorrow. (3 cheers for global warming!) The phone calls […]


I get it

12.09.04 | Category: Miscellaneous

I’m beginning to figure out why blogs are the hot thing right now. I understand them now. First thing I can figure is that people like to see their own […]


The hottest web site I frequently visit

12.08.04 | Category: Miscellaneous

The Ultimate Hot Sauce location provides thousands of Hot Sauce Brands – Mohotta Mobetta, The World Headquarters of Hot Sauce.And my favorite hot sauce is Arizona Gunslinger. Wait a minute, […]


The decline of American society

12.07.04 | Category: Golf Media

I hate reality TV. The bachelor, fear factor, wife swap or whatever is all trash. I think this kind of garbage is a precursor to the complete disintigration of American […]


I should move to Phoenix

12.06.04 | Category: HackersMiscellaneous

Many people would be jealous of me living in Salt Lake. We have the best skiing and snowboarding in the world. We’re the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Most […]


You can only understand if you golf

12.05.04 | Category: Golf MediaMiscellaneousSite News

I’ve got a pal who lives about 2300 miles from me. He’s my best friend and he’s a big time blogger. His blog has had 6,000,000 hits this year! So […]

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