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I’m starting a new category today geared toward golf for women. Maybe I can find a lady golfer out there who likes to write about stuff and can demo some of these things. If not, I’ll have to put on a skort and play with women’s clubs to get my reviews done. I digress.

I have several items in my women’s golf queue to cover, from apparel to golf accessories to…. HAIRZINGS.

What is a HairZing?

HairZings are really cool stretchy combs which gather a lady’s hair (or Miguel Angel Jimenez’s hair) into a nice design which also keeps the hair out of the way.

The player’s hair can by styled in many different ways. The HairZings come with instructions on doing different styles and there are also instructions on the very robust and well done HairZing web site.

Many sizes, styles and colors

Speaking of styles, HairZings come in many dozens of styles and colors. There are different models for different types of hair as well, short, long, thin, thick etc.


If you’re a golfer with long hair, HairZings might just be the ticket for keeping your hair out of your face when you’re trying to make that winning putt.

One response to “HairZings are good for women golfers or Miguel Angel Jimenez”

  1. dannyka says:

    “I’ll have to put on a skort and play with women’s clubs to get my reviews done.”

    Now *that* I have to see. Ummm… or maybe not. 🙂

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