Review: ThinkSport Bottles

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
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When I’m not golfing I love to hike in the red rock country of Southern Utah, or the 11,000 foot mountains in my back yard here in Salt Lake. I need to stay hydrated when hiking in the desert heat, and I need to stay hydrated on the golf course to perform my best. The ThinkSport sports bottle helps me handle the important task of keeping hydrated.


The ThinkSport bottle is double walled, with a vacuum sealed air tight space between the walls. The dual wall system provides insulation to keep cold beverages cold, and hot beverages hot. I can prepare my own sports drink and throw a few ice cubes in there before a round of golf, and it stays cold the whole round. The double walls also eliminate condensation on the outside of the bottle. It doesn’t “sweat.”

The bottle is made from stainless steel which ensures cleanliness. I only taste the beverage and not the bottle.

I’m no scientist and I don’t know much about chemicals. I just want water or some sort of hydrating liquid and not a bunch of chemicals in my body. The ThinkSport is free of chemicals like Bisphenol (BPA), Polycarbonate, Phthalates, Cadmium and Lead. That must be good.

Three piece top

This bottle has a three component lid. Two of the three components are the screw off caps. One cap exposes the bottle’s main large opening for pouring in liquids, and putting in ice cubes, gatorade dust or tea leaves.

The 2nd component is the smaller cap, which when removed is held onto the bottle by a plastic connector. When drinking I open the smaller lid, which has an opening of about half an inch but sometimes I open the big one when I want to gulp it fast.

The 3rd component to the top is the mesh insert (pictured right) which goes into the larger cap. The mesh allows liquids through but keeps solids inside the bottle. Another great use for the mesh would be for making tea. Put the tea leaves in the bottle and the mesh will keep them inside the bottle where they belong, while allowing the tea itself to exit into your waiting mouth.


There are two sizes available for the ThinkSport. Mine is the 750ml bottle, and there’s a smaller 350ml version as well. I went with the larger of the two because I want to carry more liquid to be on the safe side. The only drawback with the bigger bottle is that it won’t fit in standard beverage holders, like the ones found in motorized or hand driven golf carts. I have to put the bottle in a pocket in my bag or hang it with a clamp to my push cart.


There are two colors available for the ThinkSport bottles, black and silver. I decided to go with silver because it would reflect more of the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it like the black would.


The ThinkSport bottle keeps my beverages the desired temperature, whether trying to keep cold liquids cold in the summer or hot liquids hot in the winter. I love how the bottle doesn’t have a “taste” to it, especially when I’ve filled it with great tasting filtered water.

The bottle is tough too. Mine has taken a beating and only has one little dent when I dropped it hiking in the red rock area of Moab, Utah.