Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
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Back in April Fox News was constantly talking about T-Bagging.  Comedians like Steven Colbert and John Stewart were having a hay day with it.   Funny thing was that Fox didn’t really know what that term meant to some people.  Yes, to us golfers it refers to a very cool golf accessory bag which holds golf tees and makes them easy to access. 😉

The T-Bagg is a fun and inexpensive stretchy mesh bag which hangs from your golf bag or your golf cart.  You put tees in there and stick the pointy end of the tee through the mesh.  When you need a tee you just pull it through the stretch mesh and it it pops out.  Simple.

I was skeptical at first but I’ve grown to really like having that bag handy rather than having a bunch of tees in my pocket poking me or poking holes in my pocket.


The only critique I have, which I’ve suggested to my T-Bagg friends, is to change the top of the bag from velcro to magnetic.  I’m not a velcro fan because it wears out and gets shabby over time. With magnets sealing the top of the bag it will last much longer.  I do realize the price point of the T-Bagg at $7.95 retail may not be attainable with more expensive components and assembly if they went with magnets.


The T-Bagg won’t replace my having some tees in my pocket but it is a fun and handy golf gadget which I like.  My golf pals like it too.  I gave two extras to some golf pals and they both rave about them.

Great Father’s Day Golf Gift

Father’s day is coming up and the T-Bagg is a very inexpensive yet unique gift to give to that dad who golfs.  (Kids, don’t get me one since I already have one!).

T-Baggs are available at The Golf Space SHOP, or at the T-Bagg web site.

More T-Bagg pictures are here.