Swiftwick Ugly Christmas Sweater Socks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 12th, 2018
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Apparel scripting is super important, just ask any golf PR firm.  I’m not talking just golf apparel scripts either. Apparel scripts for daily life and events really makes a difference. You can make yours and the people’s lives around you better with some good apparel scripting.

2018 could shape up to be the best Christmas ever for me, because I have a pair of Ugly Christmas Sweater socks from Swiftwick. The Ugly Sweater model is new, and part of Swiftwick’s “Vision Five” line. I finally have some solid sock scripting for Christmas season, or the “holiday season” for you politically correct types. 


The Ugly Sweater is made from 70% nylon, 23% Olefin (no clue what that is), and 7% spandex.  Some of the features include:

  • Durable Nylon heel and toe
  • Lightweight Olefin Fiber wicks moisture and dries quickly>/li>
  • Versatile medium cushion delivers lasting comfort
  • Seamless toe eliminates friction and irritation

On The Course

These aren’t just gimmick socks.  They are performance socks which breathe well, provide moisture wicking, and help with circulation.  They’re quite comfortable too. 

Final Thoughts

Pick up a pair of Ugly Sweater socks ($19.99) to go with your ugly Christmas sweater. 

First Look: 2018 Swiftwick Socks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 23rd, 2018
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf For WomenGolf Gear

Anyone who has read my blog over the last 14 years knows I’m very particular about socks. I’m trying some new sock scripting, courtesy of Swiftwick.

Swiftwick’s socks provide moisture wicking as well as compression.  Compression helps promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

Today I’m starting with the Pursuit Two model, made from natural merino wool:

I’ll be thoroughly testing out these four different socks and posting my findings soon.  Stay tuned.

Swiftwick Golf Compression Socks Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, August 18th, 2014
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I’m currently enjoying the feel of a pair of Swiftwick socks as I write this review. Swiftwick makes compression socks for all sorts of sports and activities, not just golf. Swiftwick is proud of their products as they should be. They’re made with the highest quality materials and state of the art equipment, right here in the USA. Not one Swiftwick sock is made in China.

Swiftwick Compression Socks

Swiftwick Compression Socks

What exactly are “compression socks?” Compression socks are much tighter than standard socks. This compression helps to improve blood flow and circulation. This improved blood flow and circulation increases endurance and helps the athlete perform better with less fatigue.

Click to see more Swiftwick socks…

On The Course

Despite the fabric being a little thinner than many socks I own, the Swiftwick socks provide great comfort when walking the course. I don’t find that my knees or ankles ache or tire during a round of golf, which is a great thing. It must be due to the increased circulation. Tired feet/legs means a weak base which will result in weak golf swings. From there it is a loss of power, accuracy and eventually a loss of confidence.

Off The Course

As I mentioned, I’m wearing a pair of Swiftwicks at the office today. The comfort level is great and my feet feel wonderful, even though I’m trapped in the cubicle.  Around town, hiking, or even working in the back yard I feel the benefits of Swiftwicks and their compression.


While I’m not 100% sure a pair of socks can shave numbers off of your golf handicap, they can help aid in performance, comfort, stability, and endurance. Through their compression technology, Swiftwick socks can help prevent score-trashing fatigue and aches.

First Look: Swiftwick Compression Socks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf Gear

Ever try compression socks?  They’re quite amazing.  Somehow the compression of the sock helps circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, and helps prevent bone aches.

Swiftwick Compression Socks

Swiftwick Compression Socks

Today was my first round testing out some new compression socks from Swiftwick.  I was wearing the Vibe model (pictured right above and pictured below), an ankle high compression sock.  In the heat of 96 degrees my feet felt very comfortable and dry today.

Swiftwick Vibe Compression Socks

Swiftwick Vibe Compression Socks

Full review of the Vibes coming after I’ve had a chance to test them for a few more rounds.





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