First Look: Sunday Bag by Sunday Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 16th, 2020
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How many golf clubs do we really need to use in a round of golf?  When I was president of my local men’s association for seven long years, we did a 4-club tournament every season.  The player scores in the 4-club tournament were practically identical to the events in which they could play the full 14 clubs.  I’m going to experiment with lightening the load and walking the course with fewer clubs. The new Sunday Bag from Sunday Golf is the perfect solution.  Compared to this bag my “medium-small” stand bag seems gigantic!


The new Sunday Bag is a super small bag designed to hold up to eight clubs.  Eight is plenty to get the job done, but I managed to cram 12 into the bag with minimal hassle this afternoon.  Must be because it is Sunday!  I may settle in on 10 clubs with this setup eventually.

The bag I chose is the sharp looking “Loma” gray bag. It features an amazing number of pockets for such a small footprint, and tons of space.  No, it isn’t as much as a full sized bag but there is way more space than most bags I’ve used in this genre. The zippers are waterproof and there is a lined pocket called the “Frosty Pocket” for keeping beverages cool.

Did I mention this is a stand bag? Most bags of this type that I’ve checked out do not have a stand.

Review Pending

I just put this bag in play today.  Switched out my whole bag.  That damn hybrid I can’t hit didn’t make the cut and neither did my 50 degree wedge.  Hoping just 3 wedges is enough. I may also can one long iron and maybe leave the 3-wood and/or driver in the trunk depending on the course or the tees I’m playing that day.

When I’ve had ample testing time for a bunch of golf rounds I’ll post my full review and findings.

Stay tuned.






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