Royal Tees

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 28th, 2010
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I’ve been playing with some fun tees lately called Royal Tees.  They’re tees shaped like the castle piece of a chess set.

Royal Tee Overview

The Royal Tee is a soft rubber tee which is very flexible.  The tee bends away from the club at impact, which reduces spin and resistance and results in longer and straighter drives.  The crown of the tee has soft prongs which also help reduce friction.


Royal Tees come in four lengths for irons, fairways, woods and driver.  The lengths listed below are from ground level to the top of the tee:

.5 inch
1.0 inch
1.5 inch
2.0 inch
2.5 inch


Royal Tees are available in four colors: white, pink, orange and blue.

On the course

I enjoy using my Royal Tees on the course.  Perhaps the best advantage of using the Royal Tees is having a consistent teeing height.  Once I find the right tee height for the particular club I am using, my shot can be grooved.  I achieve consistent ball flight and launch angles.

Royal Tee’s statistics show longer distance and better accuracy with robotic testing as a result of using their tees.  I don’t doubt these findings, but I didn’t “gain 20 yards on my drives” when I switched.  I’m guessing the consistent ball teeing height is more responsible for my accuracy and distance (and confidence) when on the real course.


Royal Tees are a fun variance to normally drab and boring segment in golf equipment.  They’re durable, easy to use and don’t poke holes in your pockets.