First Look: Robert Graham Clubhouse Collection

Filed under: “How’d they know I needed a new wallet?”

In for review is a fun box with a couple of nice leather pieces from Robert Graham Clubhouse Collection. Inside is wallet with card guard RFID protection, and a fun tee holder with some very cool golf tees included.

The Box: (It’s all about the presentation!)

What’s Inside

The Wallet

My current wallet is falling apart! The timing of this product submission is perfecto! I’ll be putting the wallet into play immediately and posting a full review after I’ve beat it up for awhile.

Initial Impressions

I like the quality and the styling. The color scheme of the inner art is nice. This wallet is a little bigger than my previous, but I need more space to carry all the cash I win on the golf course.


Stay tuned for my full review.  Until then I’d consider these items as potential Christmas (“Holiday” for you politically correct folks) gift items!