Rhoback Apparel Fog Horn Pullover

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 13th, 2019
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Finally fall has arrived and I’ve been able to put my new Rhoback Fog Horn Pullover to work. I’m wearing it now! Rhoback is a new apparel brand which is making some great golf threads. Let’s take a look at the Fog Horn Pullover.


Fog Horn is a 1/4 zip pullover with super-soft and flexible fabric which is extremely comfortable. Said fabric is 54% polyester, 32% nylon and 14% spandex.   I like the fact that it is 0% cotton.  That means the pullover is low maintenance and doesn’t wrinkle or shrink.

In addition to the great comfort and fit, the Fog Horn’s fabric provides moisture-wicking properties.  Moisture wicking is where the fabric pulls moisture from the wearer and helps it evaporate.

The Fog Horn provides 40-50+ UPF sun protection.

The unique “bacon collar” is stylish and helps keep the wearer warm and comfortable.  Unfortunately the bacon collar is not edible.


Sizes for the Fog Horn range from small to triple-extra-large.  I’m sporting the large and the fit is just right.

Fog Horn comes in one color (pictured) which is a heathered gray with navy blue lining.

In Action

I’ll be wearing my Fog Horn all day today at the day job, writing code.  My workspace isn’t terribly warm so having this 1/4 zip in play will help me stay comfortable and look great during my work day.

On the course the Fog Horn provides a great protection layer in chilly conditions.  It helps take the edge off those fall temperatures.  The flexibility and cut of the fabric means the garment will not restrict the golfer or get in the way during the golf swing.

Final Thoughts

The Fog Horn 1/4 zip is super sharp looking, comfortable, and provides great performance benefits. Add one to your golf apparel scripting.  You can thank me later.


Check out my review of the Rhoback Game Day polos!

Rhoback Game Day Polo Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, September 23rd, 2019
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearGolf LifestyleReviews

We’re four weeks into the college football season and I’ve been gaming my two Rhoback Game Day polos, in the color of my team the Utah Utes. Please don’t ask me what happened at USC last week…. Anyway let’s take a look at these awesome polos.

Game Day Polo Details

The Game Day polos come in 24 different color combinations.  Each polo (except the pure white version) features a team color stripe and alternating white stripe.  I went with red and white for one polo, and gray and white for the other. The gray can match up with just about any other items in my apparel script.

The construction of the polo is from 92% polyester and 8% spandex.  Yay! No cotton!  These modern fabrics make care easy and prevent wrinkling or shrinking.

The collar keeps its shape and prevents what Rhoback calls “bacon collar.” What a great description.

The polos provide UV protection: UPF 40-50+

No itchy tag and the fabric of the polos is ultra soft.

The dog logo is unique and interesting.  See the photo below.


Sizes range from small to 3XL.  The fit is true.  My XL fits like a genuine USA XL.  I make that comment because some apparel brands, namely from western Europe, are a wee on the tight side for us beefy Yanks.

On The Course / On The Town

I absolutely love my Rhoback Game Day polos.  They’re super soft and comfortable.  The cut/fit is perfect.  No strange angles or binding or tight areas, even when doing extended body movements like a golf swing.  My Rhobacks are great for on the course or simply wearing about my daily business at work, at play, or at the game.

Caring for the Game Day polos is a breeze.  Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry.  The come out looking great with no wrinkles.  Wash it.  Dry it. Slap it on. No ironing.

Dangerously Awesome a.k.a. Final Thoughts

I read some online reviews of these polos by people who had purchased them.  One writer describe his polo as “dangerously awesome.”  I loved that line so much I stole it. Snag yourself a Game Day or two.  You’ll really dig them.

First Look: Rhoback Performance Activewear

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, August 14th, 2019
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearGolf Lifestyle

I may not be able to swing a golf club with two bad shoulders at the moment, but I can sure wear apparel like a mutha. I’m excited to debut a new apparel brand today, Rhoback.  Rhoback is performance activewear company based in Charlottesville, VA.  Here are a few of their offerings, currently in the rigorous HOG evaluation period.

Game Day Polos

I’ve got two Rhoback Game Day polos to test out.  Of course I’ve got a red and white for my Utah Utes, plus a neutral gray that will match with just about anything.

Foghorn 1/4 Zip

For the fall (not now, it is 100+ degrees) I’ll be ready with the Foghorn 1/4 zip long sleeve pullover.

I’m currently testing out the polos now.  The fabric is super soft and comfortable.  When the temps start to drop, I’ll throw the pullover into the review queue as well.

Stay tuned for the full review of the Game Day polos soon.







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