Axglo V3 Push Cart Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, August 6th, 2023
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I have a new golf push cart (excuse me… “trolley” for our friends in the UK) in play, from the Canadian golf company Axglo. The Axglo V3 cart is their V3 “Smooth Handling Model.” I’ll vouch for that. I’ll comment on all the major features and how they’ve worked out for me in the last few weeks.

Smooth Handling

The 3-wheel base is large. The larger/wider the base, the more smooth the ride and more stable the cart is.

Above: the front wheel can rotate 360 degrees, or it can be locked in place.

This solid base also means the cart is much less likely to fall over. When push carts fall over, things fall out. Keys, balls, gear. Perhaps worst of all, drinks get spilled. Can’t have wasted frosty beverages! Check.

The large wheels and base along with excellent balance also make the cart easy to navigate over varying types of terrain, hills, bumps, and so forth.  Despite the size of the cart it feels light on it’s feet, er..a.. wheels.

Storage O’ Plenty

The Axglo V3 trolley (“push cart” for our friends in the USA) features a huge storage space in the handle area.  The storage space has two separate doors and spaces for all the extra stuff you need on the course, from sunscreen to extra tees to GPS units to a few extra frosty beverages.

Below is the first compartment in the storage area. In there I have snacks, cigar accessories, Altoids (in case Paige Spirinac shows up at the course)… You can never be too… “prepared.”

In the larger compartment (below) I can easily fit lots of stuff like sunglasses, golf balls, car keys, hats, tees, cigars, snacks, tools.

Underneath the storage area are a couple of slots for thin items (photo below). Great use of space.

Make it Rain

Below is the umbrella holder attached to the handle. I live in a desert so I don’t often golf in the rain. It feels very solid but I haven’t tested it in a real-deal situation yet.

Folding and Storage Bag

Below you can see the storage bag in the back of my car. I swear the cart is in there!  The cart does fold up but if you’re looking for the absolute smallest folded cart, this isn’t your solution.  While the cart folds and fits in this bag, it is not super small folded. I have several carts that fold into smaller footprints. That said, those other carts don’t have the size and base of the Axglo V3 and are definitely not as sturdy and stable. You can’t change the laws of physics!

Final Thoughts

I’m thoroughly digging the Axgo V3. It’s super solid, dependable, holds a ton of gear, and drives like a luxury car. Accessing all my clubs and putting them back is easy.

I don’t see myself going to any of my smaller carts for the time being. I don’t think all my stuff would fit in it!

Father’s Day Gift Alert and First Look at the Axglo V3 Golf Push Cart

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 31st, 2023
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentGolf For WomenGolf Gear

I’ve started testing out a new golf push cart from the Canadian company Axglo. This cart is their V3 “Smooth Handling Model.

So far I’d have to say I fully agree with the smooth handling part. I’ve had the cart out for some laps at my home course and the cart rolls like butter. It is super balanced and easy to push as well.

Above: the front wheel can rotate 360 degrees, or it can be locked in place.

Below you can see the nice transport bag in the trunk of my car. The cart folds and goes into the bag for easy storage, throwing in the trunk of the car, or travel.

There are two very large storage areas which are super convenient.  Here’s how they look closed:

Here is compartment #1.  Good for quick access stuff, like Altoids! You never know when you might need fresh breath, ahem.

Below is the larger compartment. You can fit a ton of stuff in here. Some ideas: sunglasses, golf balls, car keys, hats, tees, cigars, snacks.

I’ll be putting this fine looking cart through the full HOG test battery and posting a full review soon. That review probably won’t be before Father’s Day though. So pull the trigger on one if you’re thinking about it.  I can already tell this is a great cart!


Sun Mountain Speedcart GX Golf Push-Cart Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf For WomenGolf GearReviews

In 1999 Sun Mountain introduced the Speedcart, an ergonomic three wheeled folding golf push cart.  I had the original In my gamer set up, and nearly 20 years later it’s still in terrific condition.  I’m now on my third model of the Speedcart, the new GX model.  The GX has all of the great features of the original Speedcart, and has dozens of terrific refinements and improvements.  Let’s take a look.

She even looks great indoors!

Sun Mountain Speedcart GX

The three wheeled design features large, lightweight wheels which roll smooth and easy.  Pushing the cart is nearly effortless. The large wheels navigate even the most gnarly of terrain, and when you play golf like I do you manage to find a lot of gnarly terrain.

Unit folds into a 37 x 16 x 13 package for storage and transportation.  Folding is easy and takes two simple steps.

The golf bag is easily mounted onto the cart and secured via bungee cables which are simple to use. This is a very important feature. I’ve used many golf carts which have poorly designed straps which do not secure the bag properly, allowing it to rotate or slide. This causes the golf clubs to bunch up making them difficult to remove. With the Speedcart, golf clubs are easily accessible and visible to the user, without having to change positions from behind the handle.  I will often pull my next club while still pushing a cart en route to my next shot.

The handle (photo above) is padded and features a comfortable position for the hands along with an adjustable height.  The brake lever is on the right side of the handle and it’s easy to enable and disable.  Just below the brake lever is a beverage holder.

A large storage tray in the handle easily stores small items like GPS’s, cell phones, car keys, snacks, and sundries.  The lid of the storage tray serves as a scorecard and pencil holder. Just below the storage tray in the handle is a mesh head cover tray.

And umbrella holder screws onto the handle which positions the umbrella right over the user’s head. I use the umbrella in the summertime to keep the sun from beating me up too bad.


The car comes in eight available colors. Being a rock’n roll musician I chose the color “none more black.”

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories for the Speedcart include numerous additional storage bags/packs, coolers, sand bottles, cart covers, and even a folding seat. I’ve got my eyes on the folding seat.

Final Thoughts

I prefer to walk on the golf course and the Speedcart GX allows me to easily and enjoyably do so without aggravating my bad back. The Speedcart is very easy to operate while keeping my golf clubs and sundries all conveniently organized and stored.

With such well thought-out design there are no irritating issues which can put a damper on our golfer’s round, like the aforementioned club rotating and bag slipping.  Pushing in steering the cart is a breeze. It’s quite fun and challenging to let the cart go downhill and see where it ends up. Hopefully not the lake. I’ve seen it happen.

First Look: Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 4th, 2018
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Gear

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart is the push cart that broke the mold many years ago. It truly opened the floodgates for great push cart designs and engineering.  I had two of the originals, which are still in service today.  The newest model in the stelar Speed Cart line is the Speed Cart GX and i just got one in for review.

I’ve already logged probably 50 miles with the new GX.  I’ll be logging as many miles as I can before the snow flies here in northern Utah, then I’ll be ready to post a full review.  Remember, I post real reviews here.  Not the five minutes on the range kind.

Keep the Speed Cart GX in mind for the upcoming holidays. I can already tell you it would make a fantastic golf gift. Stay tuned for the full HOG review of the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX soon.

Big Max Blade Quattro 4-Wheel Push Cart Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, April 26th, 2018
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

The main goal for 2018 is to walk my golf rounds as often as possible, and ride as little as possible. I have several reasons. First, I need exercise.  Second, I’m training for an epic trip to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort this July.  Third, and not least, riding costs a lot more money.  I’m saving about $15 per round by walking.

Slinging my bag on my shoulders is not much of an option because I have a bad back.  Thankfully I have a Big Max Blade Quattro 4-wheel push cart, or “trolley” for my friends across the pond.  I’ve been gaming this push cart for six months now, 3x/week now that spring is here.


The Blade Quattro features four wheels, which fold to a nice flat “blade” shape for storage, as seen in the photo below.

The wheels can be removed easily for more storage and transportation options.  The frame is solid but the wheelbase is a little narrower and shorter than some carts, so balancing the bag properly is important for a good and easy roll.

Folding is easy.  Undo two latches, one being the height adjustment for the handle, and bring the frame together.  The wheels automagically fold under as seen above.

The handle area has some nice features.  First there are mounts for GPS devices as well as an umbrella mount (see photo below with umbrella).  There is a beverage holder on the right, which perfectly fits a water or sports bottle.

The storage area in the handle is massive.  I’ve put tons of stuff in there.  At one time I had the following in there, with plenty of room to spare: 4-5 balls, wallet, phone, gloves, hat extra score card, car keys, pocket camera, umbrella mount.  See photo below.

The lid of the storage compartment holds a scorecard with a strong clip.

There are also a few tee holders and a pencil holder in the handle area.


Here’s a little video showing the Blade do its thing, in spring golf conditions in Utah (meaning some snow on the ground).

Final Thoughts

The Big Max Blade Quattro 4-Wheel Push Cart is a terrific push cart.  I just wrapped up my 2nd round in as many days with the Blade, just about an hour ago.  It was a solid round and I was once again thrilled with the Blade’s performance and convenience. She’s now folded nicely in the trunk of my car, ready for action on a moment’s notice.


Big Max Auto-Fold FF Push Cart Review

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