Tattoo Golf PitchMaster Divot Tool Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 22nd, 2009
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Tattoo Golf is one of my all time favorite golf companies.  Anyone who can mix skulls and cross bones with golf is cool in my book.

Tattoo Golf Pitchmaster

Tattoo Golf does it again.  TG has a huge product line of hard edged golf items from shirts to golf bags.  Now we can add one of the manliest ball repair tools known to man to the TG product line.

The Tattoo Golf PitchMaster is made out of stainless steel, so it won’t rust.  The blades are retractable and there’s a magnetic ball marker on the back.  Of course, all of the components sport the trademark “skull and golf bones.”


  • Small, perfectly formed and it fits in your pocket, the PitchMaster Divot Tool features are quality crafted to be durable and easy to use so you can repair pitch marks with minimum effort and get the most out of your game on the green.
  • Makes Pitch Repair Quick & Easy
  • Fully Retractable Fold Away Blades
  • Superb Quality & Rust Proof Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Guarantee


I’ve loaned this unit to a couple of pals to get their opinions.  Both said this was a bit heavy and that they wouldn’t want it in their pockets.  Personally, the weight doesn’t bother me.  I just told my pals that my wallet, with all the cash in it, counter balanced the divot tool.

On the course

The fact that the blades are retractable is great.  Many times I’ve poked myself in the groin or close due to a divot tool pointing the wrong way in my pocket.  This won’t happen with the PitchMaster.

The thick forks really make a big difference and make it much easier to fix my ball marks, of which I hope there are many (meaning I didn’t miss the green).

The TG ball marker is a bonus addition which comes in handy.


It is hard to write an extended review on a divot tool, but this unit is great and I strongly recommend it!  For $14.99 you’ll get a very strong and durable divot tool which is most definitely cooler than any other out there.





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