1st impressions of the Nike STR8-FIT driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
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On the 1st tee today I pulled the shrink wrap off my new Nike STR8-FIT driver.

I spent the evening last night reading the manual. Never read an owner’s manual for a driver before. Never even seen one. My conclusion for today’s round was to start the driver in neutral position and see how it worked.

This thing is much lighter than my old driver and it felt like I could swing it faster. On the first tee I yanked it left but after that I hit the thing very well. It has been raining for days here and the humidity is at about 90%. Even with the heavy air I hit this driver about 20 yards longer than my old one. The flight is a bit lower than I’m used to due to the fact that this model is 9.5 degrees and my old driver was a 10. I don’t mind a low trajectory though.

Poorly struck shots straightened out fairly well and I didn’t lose much distance.

So far so good.