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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 4th, 2014
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Nexbelt golf belt

Nexbelt Men’s Golf Belt

After a few weeks of successfully not having my shorts fall down, I’m ready for my Nexbelt review.  Yes, reviewing golf gear can be very challenging at times.

Nexbelt Overview

Nexbelt makes dozens of belts for golf and other applications, for both men and women.  Many styles and sizes are offered, including customization.  I’d really like to get a customized HOG belt.  I’ll work on that for another review.

Ratchet System

Nexbelts are unique in that they use a ratchet system to tighten and secure the belt, rather than the old style holed belts.  Therefore their belts look nicer without holes which can wear and look shabby over time.

Because of the same ratchet system, the belts are sold as one size and cut down by the wearer to a custom fit.  Since the teeth of the ratchet are so much closer together than the sizing holes of a regular belt, the tightness can be adjusted easily.  For me this is great.  I like to loosen my belt when sitting at the office writing golf blog posts, and perhaps have it set to a medium or stronger tightness on the golf course.  A couple of ticks of the ratchet make that size tweaking easy.  This simply cannot be done with a standard belt.

Custom fitting by Nexbelt

On The Course

The golf specific belts are very cool.  I have a great looking green belt and the lovely bride has a white women’s version.

Along with the benefits of a stylish looking belt which is perfectly fitted for my ever changing waistline, is a neat James Bond 007 feature.  The buckle doubles as a hidden door which opens from top to bottom.  Hidden inside is a golf ball marker which is held in place magnetically.  The ladies’ version of this setup includes a ball marker with plenty of bling.  So cool.

Bling ball marker inside hidden door (women’s version)


Nexbelts’ golf belts are stylish, perfectly fitted to each individual, and have a neat hidden door with ball marker inside.  Best of all, they keep my shorts from falling down, like a good belt should.

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