MyLoopCard is a cool concept which needs tweaking

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 20th, 2009
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One of my three home courses came out with some new scorecards this year. Actually they aren’t even cards, they’re booklets from MyLoopCard.

The concept

My director of golf told me he saved $1800 in scorecard printing costs by having MyLoopCard make the course’s cards. These days, saving even $18.00 helps. Good on him for finding a way to save money and keep the course in business.

MyLoopCard sells advertising to local vendors and puts them along with ads for their own online score tracking system (which says it is offline until fall of 2009) in the booklet.

Along with the ads are hole by hole diagrams of the course. This is quite helpful for players who haven’t been to the course before.

The color booklet is very impressive and classy.

The problems

So the course has saved on printing costs and the player gets the benefit of a nice booklet with hole by hole information on the course. Great.

But… there’s a big waste of paper. I do the scores for my men’s club, and we throw away the equivalent of hundreds of pages of paper every week. That’s just the Tuesday league. Over the course of a year we’re talking a serious amount of lumber being consumed and thrown away by the course. Personally I don’t care that much, but the tree huggers might have a problem with all the paper waste. Maybe the paper is recycled but I didn’t see anything mentioning that.

Problem two is the paper itself. Obviously nobody actually “tested” the cards. The cards are impressive with their full color print, yes, but the paper is coated. This makes writing on the cards with a pencil nearly impossible. I brought a buddy to my course last week and when he tried to write on the cards with a golf pencil the first words out of his mouth were “these score cards suck.” The photo above is a typical card I receive when I do my league scores. They started out in pencil and had to switch to pen.


Great concept but needs to switch to non coated paper for the scorecard portion!





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