New Blogging Gear – Backlit Full Size USB Keyboard From MacAlly

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, September 18th, 2018
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In golf having the right gear for your game is crucial.  In blogging having the right keyboard is just as crucial.  Okay maybe I’m being a little too dramatic in my opening.  How about this as another option: I just got a new full sized keyboard from MacAlly and it is really cool.

Top: lighted room Bottom: same keyboard in darkeess

I’ve been a Mac user for many years. Decades in fact.  I no longer use desktop machines.  I have a MacBook Pro on a shelf on my desk, and two larger monitors on each side.  It’s a three-monitor setup.  I use an external keyboard and mouse as the MacBook Pro keyboard is too far away and too high.

For a few weeks now I’ve been using this new MacAlly backlit full size keyboard.  Typing with it is super smooth.  I love the feel of the keys and even the sound they make.  Similar to golf, “feedback” from a golf club is part feel, part sound.  The same with this keyboard.


The backlighting feature is nice.  In the dark the keys and numbers illuminate very well.  The look is super cool:

There’s a button on the upper right that allows the user to turn off the backlighting.

The key layout is the same basic layout as a standard Apple keyboard, but some of the key graphics are a little different.  There are 16 shortcut keys for one-touch control of applications and other functions.

The keypad is a 17-key numeric.

The USB cable is nice and long, 150cm.  This is quite convenient for my setup.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Mac user and need a keyboard, I’d check out MacAlly’s offerings, specifically the Backlit Full Size USB Keyboard ($59).  The key action is smooth and sounds great.  Typing is a breeze and easy on the fingers. The key sensitivity is perfect.  No false strokes. The backlighting feature is a nice visual.