First Look (literally): Lucyd Lyte Audio Sunglasses

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, January 5th, 2024
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What a world we live in.  I’m just taking a first “look” (ahem) at my new Earthbound prescription sunglasses with audio and bluetooth.  With these Lucyd Audio Sunglasses I can speak to ChatGPT and ChatGPT will respond back to me in my ears. I could have used this amazing breakthrough technology back in college! I can listen to music, or podcasts or whatever directly from the glasses as well.


The Lucyd Lyte Earthbound sunglasses are a game-changer in the world of wearable technology, blending the classic aesthetics of optical eyewear with cutting-edge Bluetooth audio capabilities. They embody a fusion of style and functionality, adhering strictly to the design principles of traditional eyewear while seamlessly incorporating advanced features. What sets Earthbound apart is its commitment to maintaining the elegance of classic sunglasses, enhanced with the best-in-class touch controls, microphones, lenses, and battery life. It’s a perfect example of technology and design walking hand in hand, offering a stylish accessory that doubles as a high-tech gadget.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Earthbound is its ability to make ChatGPT handsfree and voice-accessible, a boon for those who prefer voice commands over typing. Users simply need to download the Lucyd app on their iOS or Android device, and they can start interacting with ChatGPT through Siri on their iPhone or iPad. This integration provides a seamless, convenient way to engage with ChatGPT, making it more accessible than ever. Additionally, with dual high-capacity lithium-ion batteries offering 12 hours of continuous music or talk time, the Earthbound sunglasses ensure that you stay connected and entertained throughout your day, whether it’s for work or leisure. With such longevity, users who listen to a few hours of music or podcasts daily would only need to charge their glasses 1-3x a week, adding to the convenience that these smart sunglasses bring to everyday life.

Stay Tuned (so to speak)

I’m just getting started with these.  First time I’ve ever had to read a manual and watch tutorial videos to figure out how to use my sunglasses. Not sure but I wonder if you can make calls with them too. That would be a fantastic feature. EDIT: YOU CAN!  I just made a call and had an entire conversation with audio to/from my sunglasses.  Game changer.

I’ll post a full review in a few weeks after I’ve put them through the full review process on the golf course, the ski resort, and the mountain bike trail.







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