Tiger Woods preemptive media strikes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 21st, 2010
Categories: Golf MediaTiger Woods

Now that Tiger Woods is confirmed for the Masters tournament in a couple of weeks, he’s doing some interviews tonight on TV.  I’m calling them preemptive strikes.  He’s trying to take some sort of control over the media and lessen or deflect the attention at the Masters.  He’s trying to make sure that attention at Augusta is about golf.

It is notable that there didn’t seem to be much “notice” on these interviews.  I found out about them only after the Golf Channel one had happened.  I didn’t see it, but below I have the transcript of the interview done by Kelly Tilghman.  Apparently there’s another interview or one already happened on ESPN.  I missed that too.

I grew tired of all the Tiger Woods affair circus.  I just want to see Tiger play golf now.