Meet My New Golf Buddy Sean. He’s 9!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 11th, 2016
Categories: Golf

I hear a lot about the future of golf and how bleak things are in the golf world. They obviously don’t know about my new buddy Sean, a 9-year-old golfer I met this week.

On the 13th tee at Bonneville I looked back at the par-5 12th to see a very young solo golfer hitting to the green from about 160-170 yards. He reached the green, a feat I wasn’t sure was even possible for a player of that age and size. When his ball reached the green I saw him jump for joy and do some fist pumps. He was stoked.

Then I watched him hit the very difficult par-4 13th green from roughly 150 yards, while I was teeing off on the 14th. A lady walked by from the nearby houses telling us “I can’t keep him off the course.” When mom walked up to him he proudly told her of his current birdie putt of about three feet.

Sean caught up to me and my partner on the 18th tee. He confidently walked up and said hello. Then very politely asked if he could join us and play the final hole with us. “Of course,” I said. After talking to him for a minute I could instantly tell this was a special young golfer and couldn’t resist rolling some video, which I hope you enjoyed.

When golfers play by themselves it’s interesting to watch them. Some players play a couple of balls or play mulligans, or pick up short putts and don’t finish the hole. Sean hit one ball on every hole and putted-out. He played honest golf, by himself.