HomeOfGolf.tv is the best new golf site of 2009. Andy Brown is IN THE ZONE!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
Categories: Golf Media

Dear Andy,

I humbly bow at your knees and pay homage to the incredible job you are doing with your web site.


Andy’s HomeOfGolf.tv is the best new golf web site of 2009.  Hands down.  No doubt.  Nobody comes close.  His archive dates back to only February and his content is spectacular.  If it is this good after only 5-6 months, how good will it be in a year or two?

I found Andy through Facebook friends and have been watching his great video interviews.  The latest post for Andy has him interviewing my pal and Old Course caddy John Boyne (Boynie).  Boynie and I have been pals for a couple of years now, and he even sent me a caddy bib from St. Andrews!  Just recently Boynie caddied for my best friend at The Old Course.

In the video here, Andy and Boynie talk about the Road Hole at St. Andrews.  This is really good stuff.