Golfdotz now approved by the USGA. Guess I’m legal now.

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
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David Poole is a pal of mine.  He’s with Golfdotz, a company which makes cool transfers for golf balls and now even golf shoes.  Golfdotz, as seen here in this photo, are a much more fun and unique way of marking your balls.  I prefer the skull and cross bones myself.

Two weeks ago at the biggest amateur tourney in the state, here’s the conversation from the first tee with me and 3 other players.

Player 1: “I’m playing a Titleist #2 with a blue dot”
Player 2: “I’m playing a Bridgestone 330 with a red line”
Player 3: “I’m playing a Titleist #1 with three black dots”
Me: “I’m playing a Titleist #3 with a black skull on it”

Little did I know that I was apparently playing ball which may have been illegal with the black skull Golfdotz on it.  Now that isn’t the case as the USGA has approved Golfdots for use in competition.

Golfdotz are also a prize provided by my buddy David for the HOG Space Fantasy Golf 2009 season.

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