Happy blogday GolfBlogger

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 4th, 2009
Categories: Golf Media

My golf blogging pal GolfBlogger has celebrated his SIXTH birthday! Six years of golf blogging is like me lasting 30 seconds in the Playboy Mansion (more to come on that one soon).

GolfBlogger has written over 4000 golf blogs, as compared to my measly 2000. On my behalf though, my posts are typically longer. GolfBlogger is always up on the latest and greatest from the golf gear world so be sure to stop by there on a regular basis.

Great GolfBlogger quote

GolfBlogger’s longevity is impressive. As he points out in the quote below, many people start golf blogs and put very little time and effort into them, leaving them to die:

I’ve managed to avoid the fate of thousands of others who have started a golf blog—that of writing a few pieces and then losing interest. The internet is littered with the corpses of abandoned golf blogs.

Keep it up my friend. I’ll be right behind you.