World Premiere – First Hooked on Golf Blog Golf Trick Shot Video

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, March 11th, 2018
Categories: Boneheads

Golf trick shot videos are very popular on social networks right now. You know, those videos where some golfer juggles a golf ball with his wedge while standing on the shoulders of his buddy who is blindfolded, then passes the ball to his buddy who then hits his driver over a football stadium into a tiny plastic cup. Then they all jump around like they just won the Masters.  I’ll admit, I’ve made fun of them.

I’ve come around on the trick shot videos though. I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and make my own golf trick shot video.  Since there are so many people doing them these days, I wanted my video to be unique. Stand out.  I decided to do something that I’ve never seen any other golf trick shot video artist do.  To make it even more unique, I vowed to do the shot on the first take and with no video editing. Raw. Unedited. No CGI graphics. The one thing I did decide to do like the other trick shot videos is shoot it in portrait mode, not landscape mode. This has previously been very annoying to me, as most screens are landscape oriented and the video looks dumb. But I understand that this is how video is shot these days.

So here it is, the first HOG trick shot video.  Enjoy.