Review: GoBe Prodigy Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
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Introducing GoBe

GoBe is a new company I found at this last year’s PGA Merchandise Show. They have a cool new golf shoe line with some unique styles which run in the hybrid/casual genre. No dress shoes with spikes. These are stylish golf treads players could wear on or off the course.

GoBe Golf Shoes

GoBe Prodigy Golf Shoes – click for more

Though they’re hybrids (shoes which cross between golf and casual use), performance is the most important feature for GoBe. Do they perform? Read on to find out.

GoBe Prodigy Golf Shoe

My first GoBe shoe is the Prodigy in Black/Red (pictured through this review). This is a very unique looking golf shoe with its semi glossy black finish and cool black/red color scheme, accented with silver.

Prodigy Features

The semi-gloss black upper I mentioned previously is made of a material GoBe calls “PurTEC.” PurTEC is 20x more water resistant than treated leather. Despite the high water resistance, the upper is very breathable.

The platform the shoe provides is nice and roomy, with plenty of space for the toes to spread when the player walks.

GoBe Golf Shoes

Star atTRACTION – click for more

The treads on the Prodigy feature GoBe’s “Talon” traction system. Looks like simple stars to me, but there’s much more to those hybrid treads. The star shapes increase the surface area of the hybrid spikes, giving the shoe amazing traction. The sole material is a very durable Grade A material so the traction should last long time.

Colors – Sizes

The $159.99 retail Prodigy comes in two color schemes: The first is the black/red pictured in this article. The second is white version with black and orange accents.

Sizes range from USA 7.5 to 12.5, 41-46 UK.

On The Course – On The Town

Sadly, I took my time getting to this review. The shoes sat in my garage for quite a while. The primary reason was that I doubted the soles would have enough traction for my spastic swing, especially with all the rain which has hit my area recently. That was a mistake.

GoBe Golf

GoBe Prodigy Golf Shoes – click for more

I quickly noticed that I was mistaken about the traction. My feet felt like they were glued to the ground, even in wet conditions. The Talon system works brilliantly. With that better traction came more accuracy and more power. What golfer doesn’t want that?

The looks and style of the Prodigy are great. The color scheme is perfect for my college team, the Utah Utes. I’ll be sporting these babies tomorrow night with when I watch the football game in forecasted rain. I’ll be taking advantage of that water resistance.

The Prodigy is very comfortable too. Walking the course is a joy. The feet don’t ache and the knees feel great. The support is just right.


I do have a strong critique for the GoBe shoe brand, and it is the same I’ve had for Ecco golf shoes. The sizing selection needs work. GoBe uses a european sizing scheme. So the sizes come in ranges of full USA halves. For instance, my shoe size is a 9. GoBe’s selection is either a 9 to 9.5 or an 8 to 8.5. I don’t understand how a size 9 shoe can also be a size 9.5 shoe. Why not just make a size 15 shoe and say it’s any size between 1 and 15?

Being a 9, a shoe which sizes “up to” a 9.5 is too big for me. I felt like I was wearing clown shoes when I first tried on the 9.5’s. I had to send them back try out the 8 to 8.5 size, in hopes that the 8.5 ran larger than 8.5. Fortunately for me the 8.5 did run larger and fits just right.


Sizing issues aside, the GoBe look is really unique yet classy enough to wear to the office in business casual style.

My three top requirements for golf shoes, in order of importance are: performance, comfort, style. In all three areas the GoBe Prodigy does a fantastic job.

Well played GoBe.  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this new company.

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Royal Albartross – Black Jack Nero Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
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Opener Option #1

Last Thursday I shot my best round of the year, a 70 (-2) on a tough Arthur Hills course.  I’m playing again tomorrow.  Being a typical golfer, I’ll be replicating everything I did last Thursday, from wearing the same underwear to eating the same cereal to using the same bath towel.  I’ll be wearing the same shoes for sure and not just because I’m superstitious.  I’ll be wearing my new Royal Albartross Black Jack Nero shoes because they’re so comfortable.

Opener Option #2

Had I had my new Royal Albartross patent leather golf shoes when I tied the knot back on May 22 of this year, I would have discarded the rental shoes from Men’s Wearhouse which came with my tuxedo, and replaced them with my Black Jack Neros.  They’re by far the nicest shoes I own and about as comfortable as my Vans.


Puma Cell Fusion Golf Shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf ApparelGolf GearReviews

One of my favorite companies is Puma.  Their gear is so cool looking and it is very high performance.  My Swing GTX shoes are awesome but now they have to share my foot time with my new Puma Cell Fusion golf shoes.

Cell Fusion Features

Puma’s Cell Fusion shoes are high performance waterproof leather golf shoes.  They have Smart Quill spikes similar to the Swing GTX’s, but now there are some removable and “configurable” ones as well.  The quills can be locked into varying positions to provide extra solid traction from the most crucial angles.


The hot golf babes see my Cell Fusions and they’re all over me, just like Puma player Rickie Fowler.  Well, at least they dig my shoes.  Seriously, these shoes are very sharp and stylish and in Puma fashion, they’re unique and trendy.  They don’t look like every other golf shoe.

Feel and comfort

Like my other Puma golf shoes, these are so light and comfortable that sometimes I don’t feel like I even have shoes on.  The Cell Fusions were comfortable right out of the box and still are, after a good 30+ rounds logged.

Part of the comfort is due to the Puma “iCell” technology.  I guess Apple Computer didn’t register that name so Puma snagged it?  Anyway, the cells provide cushioning and padding but without sacrificing traction or performance.


Speaking of performance, I have superior traction on the course with my Cell Fusions.  In fact, I had to get used to having virtually no slippage in my stance, especially in my left foot.  The first few shots with the Cell Fusions on my feet resulted in hard pulls left as my left foot did not give way or slip open.  My body ended up turning around my stance rather than sliding with my feet.  Now that I’m used to the traction, my iron shots are very solid and my distance is improved.

The toes of the shoes even have great traction.  There’s a pattern of mini traction Quills around the inside of each toe.


I have a tough choice to make when I pick out which golf shoes to wear.  My Cell Fusions are currently in the #1 spot out of a at least a dozen pairs.  The Puma Cell Fusions are super cool looking and the on-course performance is 2nd to none.

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Tortured by my first look at the FootJoy Icon golf shoes

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
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Today is July 22nd, 2009.  I should rename it to “FootJoy Day.”  Today it is all FootJoy, all the time.

I just finished telling someone how my back is so tweaked right now that I can’t even put shoes or socks on.  I’m bent over like the huchback with these severe, stabbing pains in my back due to my scoliosis.  I pushed the back too hard this weekend and now I’m paying the price.

A good kind of pain

So while I’m here suffering, sitting bent to the left at a 32 degree angle (the only angle which doesn’t result in extreme stabbing pain), the doorbell rings.  FedEx was here to deliver my latest shiny golf toys, a pair of FootJoy Icons.

This is great.  I get to “look” at these beautiful golf shoes and perhaps drool on them a bit if I can crawl across the room to them.  I won’t be able to try them out for at least a few days, when my back spasms subside.  When I do, I’ll be starting my evaluation and getting ready for an Icon reveiw.  Stay tuned.

Until then, I hope you enjoy a couple of pics of the Icons.  If you want to see a few more, I have about 10-15 in my Icon gallery too.

Puma Swing GTX Golf Shoe

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
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puma golf shoe swing gtxThis Puma Swing GTX golf shoe brings the best of old school design and modern technology into a super hip looking package.


This Swing GTX was a real eye catcher for me the first time I saw it.  There’s a retro style and simple elegance to these golf shoes.  How Puma can take a white shoe with a couple of green (or black depending on the model) lines and make it look so cool is beyond me.  That’s why I’m a golf blogger and not a shoe designer I suppose.


The Swing GTX is super comfortable.  With the soft leather in the upper I feel like I’m wearing my cozy slippers rather than a pair of performance golf shoes.

There was no break-in period required before enjoying that comfort level either.  I put ’em on and they felt great right out of the box.


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