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First Look: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Golf Grips

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, April 10th, 2018
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It’s about time I got a better grip on my golf game and I’m happy to report that I’ve got some new Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align grips in for review.

The red line you see is a ridge that rises when the grips are installed.  At first I thought the ridge would go on the top of the club for a visual alignment aid. But the ridge extends down the back of the grip and helps the player with hand alignment via feel.

I play a couple of rounds in the next few days, then I’ll be having my old grips removed and the Tour Velvet Align grips installed.  I’m looking forward to testing these for the next weeks and months.  I’m very anxious to see how their performance in wet conditions is. My old grips were great, but when my hands were sweaty or during rain, they became very slippery.

Stay tuned for the full HOG review soon.

Review: Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grips

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, October 30th, 2015
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After a few months of gaming the Golf Pride Tour Wrap grips on my newest irons, the Bridgestone J15DF Driving Forged Irons, I’m ready to post my findings.
Golf Pride Tour Wrap
I didn’t want to use these grips at all. I’ve been suffering from pretty bad golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow since last year. These grips are advertised as shock absorbing, but I didn’t believe it based on how hard they felt. But rather than ripping them off my irons without even trying them, I thought I’d give them a chance and I’m glad I did.

Tour Wrap Features

The grip is made to look like an old school leather wrapped grip, but it is really a one piece rubber grip. The rubber is extremely tacky, even after months of play and dozens of rounds. Unlike an old school leather grip, the rubber material in the Tour Wrap lasts a long time and is extremely durable.


The Tour Wrap is available in black (pictured), red, blue, and white.


A couple of the colors also have different sizing available. The white model is available in regular and midsize. The black is available in regular, midsize, jumbo, and undersize.

On The Course

Though these feel hard to me when just gripping them, somehow the grip does a great job of isolating and reducing vibration. That really has helped me stay in the game without experiencing a lot of pain with the elbows. In fact, since I switched the irons and put on these grips, my pain has nearly gone away completely.

The tackiness of the grip ensures ultimate control and feel for me. No slipping and no death grip needed to keep the club under control.

The only time I have a grip issue is in the rain. If the grip gets wet it can turn quite slippery.

Even after months, I barely see any wear and the grips are still as tacky as the day I first tried them.


Tacky, durable, great feel. What more could one want in a golf grip?