Golf Gum – Chew Gum and Lower Your Scores

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, February 18th, 2018
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Every year new golf products arrive here at Hog World Headquarters that make me say, “now I’ve seen everything.” I have seen everything, yet again.

Golf Gum is different kind of focus product. Instead of drinking a liquid, or eating some kind of energy bar, the golfer chomps on gum.


Inside Golf Gum is 80mg of caffeine, a little less than is in a normal cup of coffee. The caffeine helps the golfer focus, or stay awake if there was a previous night of partying.

Golf Gum also contains B-vitamins. These nutrients help the body convert food into fuel. This helps sustain energy level throughout the day.

On The Course

I have not yet tested out Golf Gum on the course.  It is a bit of bad timing.  On doctor’s suggestion I had to cut some things from my diet, one being caffeine. So I’m posting this out of a bit of a courtesy to the folks at Golf Gum, who sent me the samples.  I will definitely give the golf gum a shot if the doc gives me the thumbs up.

Perhaps this spring I’ll give out some golf gum to my golf pals.  If they beat me we’ll know it really works.