First Look: Duke Cannon Products

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, July 6th, 2020
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I watched that hot Neflix movie 365 Days.  I needed a cold shower after that. Now I have one, in a bag. In for review are some nice looking self care products from Duke Cannon, including cold shower face and body wipes.

We are in full summer here in the northern Utah desert.  The air is so dry and temperatures so hot.  I could really use some cool-down wipes on the course, after a bike ride or hike, or just walking the dog.  I’ll be putting this in the life bag immediately.

The lovely bride will be commandeering the bloody knuckles.  She’s a former fighter and current workout fiend and has very rough hands from all the weight lifting. Her knuckles are in fact bloody sometimes.

We will have an arm wrestle to see who gets to use the Cannon Balm lip balm, but I’m afraid I’ll lose that battle.

Stay tuned for the full evaluation soon!