Cycl’d Recycled Golf Balls Includes Packaging Which Transforms into a Putting Aid

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, January 5th, 2015
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CYCL'd Golf - Recycled Golf Balls

CYCL’d Golf – Recycled Golf Balls

We all use recycled golf balls.  Don’t you love it when you find the perfect quality ball in the bushes, just the name brand and model you like?  It’s like finding money.  Too often though, those found balls are junkers, destined to be put in the shag bag and perhaps used as range balls at that course which has limited flight practice balls.

Cycl’d Golf

It can be quite painful to pay retail for golf balls.  $40-$50-$60 a dozen?  That’s craziness.  That could equal $5 per shot on my home course, where one brings an extra dozen for the front nine alone.

Cycl’d Golf sells recycled golf balls for those who want quality balls at a lower price.  Cycl’d sells most popular brands and models, and they’re high quality (see photo below).

You might even get lucky like I did, and get a couple of Torrey Pines logo balls!

Quality used golf balls!


Pricing ranges from $12.99 for “value brand” balls and up to $17.99 for “tour” balls.

Packaging Doubles as a Putting Aid

A very unique aspect to Cycl’d’s product is the box the balls come in.  With a couple of quick folds, the box turns into a putting aid.  The top of the box has a hole which is two inches smaller than a regulation cup.  The smaller hole helps golfers increase their accuracy.

Putting training aid in action… Nice carpet, no?

The top of the box when setup properly is at a 25 degree incline.  Putts which go over the box would travel three feet past the hole.  Putts that go in the hole are traveling at a pace in which they would normally travel one foot past a regular golf hole, the optimal distance as proven by many golf researchers like Dave Pelz.


I can get a dozen “tour” quality golf balls for $17 with an included putting training aid?  Sign me up!

Well played and good luck with the golf venture CYCL’d.





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